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Funny Story About Potty Training Boys
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His teacher just adored him though, so she put up with it. I was mortified. Lock yourselves in the house for three days sort of with no pants. And then slowly make your way out into the world with underpants on for short periods of time. Our first outing was an early dinner at an Italian restaurant nearby. We were so worried she might have an accident and asked her every two seconds if she had to pee.

Nope, nope. She did totally fine! No accidents! Except, that while eating a piece of calamari, her gag reflex got the better of her and she threw up all over the table!

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Sadly, she has done this many times in her life! It was just funny because that hadn't even occurred to us, we were so worried about the potty accident possibility! He was only about 18 months old, and I got him Ninja Turtle underwear and he would do anything to avoid messing them up.

Potty Training

The only catch is that he would strip down and pop a squat outside if he was busy playing. This reminded me of the potty training situation years before. My oldest was three and still wore pull-ups at night when my youngest decided at 18 months he was ready to 'go on da toilet.

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Potty training was over for my youngest. He never had an accident or wet himself at night. It was weird and wonderful. Thankfully, the concept of privacy eventually caught on. One time, on vacation to the beach we were particularly desperate for her to go. My husband dug a hole in the sand and we convinced her to use it.

I've never been so happy to clean up poop!

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My husband asked him if he needed to use the potty and replied with a causal 'no' but as he walked out of the room, he left a trail of little turds. The pull-up had shifted and the evidence was falling out of his pant leg! I would see him outside standing as still as a statue with his legs crossed and know it could only mean one thing. God love him, at least he managed to hold it! One particularly crazy day, my neighbor was over and she said, 'Um, I think your daughter pooped in your playroom. She lives in Northern California with her extremely patient husband, rambunctious preschooler, bouncing baby boy, kitten, and assorted chickens.

When she's not folding laundry or wiping bottoms you can find her sewing, baking, or writing about it all in an effort to stay sane. We use cookies to improve our website experience. To find out which cookies we use please view our cookie policy. If you continue to use our website you must consent to us using cookies in this way. Popular in the Community. On occasion, Dakota was allowed to pee off the porch.

Well, at least it was easier to wash off. It could have been worse. He could have pooped on the carpet inside or something! Not all potty training stories happen to parents! Sometimes, siblings are old enough to be potty training their little brothers and sisters too! Well, they were at Walmart, and Krista had to go to the bathroom, and she took her sister with her. She sat down and her little sister got all close and put her hand by her ear. All you could hear for a good minute was the sounds of the other women laughing!

How cute is that! When Erin was 21, her son was 3 years old. It was an old, broken down truck and they have a private backyard. Well, they went out shopping, and he had to pee. He went up to a car in the parking lot, and started peeing on their tire! Epic fail, but it made everyone laugh! If you gave them the option of going without clothes, or putting on shorts and undies, most will choose to go the way they were born, stark naked.

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Corrine, age 18, was potty training her 2 year old son, and things seemed to be going well. One day, he wet his underwear, and he took them off by the front door. Next, in what I am sure was a perfectly logical thought process for a toddler, he ran out the door and all over the yard butt naked, laughing as Corrine chased him down! The 80 year old neighbor at the time got a kick out of it, at least! She about fell out of her lawn chair, laughing her butt off!

And now that song is stuck in my head. This goes for using the potty in the restaurant, too. When Lena, age 25, was potty training her son Carter, who was 3 at the time, she took him out to a restaurant. Now we all know the struggle of potty training a child in public. Well her friend had to go to the bathroom, and little Carter ended up needing to go as well. After a few moments, she heard people snickering and saying rude comments. As she looked around, she saw Carter walking out of the bathroom, with toilet paper, and no pants on.

Now that was embarrassing. Anyhow, one day she let her little one watch her potty training video. It must have been pretty motivational, because moments later, she peed her pants! To go along with Sally, they tried teaching her about not wetting herself by telling her not to poop or pee in her undies.

Well, she took that as saying not to go at all, and ended up needing an enema and stool softeners to coax her into pooping again a few days later. Hopefully everything was smooth sailing from then on out! If you think potty training one kiddo is tough, imagine the struggle that parents of multiples have. When Paula, who was 33 at the time, was potty training her triplets, she sure had her hands full!

Gender Neutral Potty Training Books

Elmo teaches Baby David to use the potty in this 7-button sound book. The bible also has little place for humour and the Christian tradition would frown on laughter as exemplified in many strict protestant traditions. This book was first published in the s and has since sold over 2 million copies. The book has buttons that make sound effects for toilet paper spinning, footsteps and opening the door to the bathroom, Elmo saying "Let's try to use the potty! Instead of simply tying their shoe for them, try offering verbal support, saying something like "now make a bunny ear. One of the best ways to do this is through books and stories.

But when training one of them, her daughter Jessica, who loved going potty, she noticed that Jessica was still qutite small for her age. Her son Dylan, though, would only poop in the potty chair.

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Kids are sponges; literally. They will soak up anything they hear or see, and they will mimic it. When Amber, who was 29, was potty training her 2 year old daughter Tayla, it was actually going really well! Tayla had a ton of interest in the potty, and she started trying to do like mommy! However, one day, she was napping, or so mommy thought.

Amber heard something in the bathroom Tayla was sitting on the side of the tub, peeing away! She cleaned it right after! Tayla remembered that, and thought she had to be just like mommy! What a goof ball! When my daughter Rayne was potty training, I was around One day, she was watching Dora, and all of a sudden, she ran for her potty without being placed on it. I was washing dishes, but I found out about it soon enough Worst part? Right after I told her good job for peeing, the dog ran in, slipped in the pee, and soaked all of his fur in pee. Then shook it all over her. The dog and her got a bath, my floor got a washing, and my walls needed disinfecting.

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However, I still praised her to the moon and back. Because that look of accomplishment and excitement, and the feelings of happiness, drove her to keep going and to use the potty. She goes into Kindergarten this fall. We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests.

I gave my 3-year-old candy for using the potty, and she told me, "Good job. If your daughter fetches and hands you clean diapers, is it time to potty train? It seems that with boy potty training comes the realization that they can now grab their business thanks to big boy underpants. I told my toddler to sit on the training potty. I came upstairs to find this She outsourced going to the bathroom.

The Silly Potty Story (for boys)

Editorial Reviews. From the Author. I hope you and your little boy enjoy readingthis fun and Buy The Silly Potty Story (for boys): Read 12 Kindle Store Reviews - The Silly Potty Story (for boys) [Vanessa Rouse Ph.D.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Follow Andre and his pet froggy through lots of.

And then I cried and I cried and I cried. The prospect of having to potty train my son concerns me far more than having a kid who still wears diapers in high school. So… Sorry, bro. You know you've waited too long to potty train when your kid starts changing their own diaper. She just made eye contact with me while she pooped in her diaper. Nothing says "potty training a toddler has made me emotionally unstable" quite like kicking an empty training potty down the basement steps.

How's potty training going? I just cleaned poop out of my 2-year-old's hair. Thank goodness for potty training reward snacks. Loud auto-flush toilets make potty training a breeze. The breeze is what you feel when your toddler runs screaming from the restroom, tho. Me: I can solve all our potty training problems. Wife: We're not teaching our 2-year-old to go in the yard.