Republicans do the Dumbest Things

Steve King just keeps saying crazy stuff. So...
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But what baffles me is why there would be support to make things worse.

Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me

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It was in that Congress mandated a shift toward the LED light bulb. As manufacturers invested in manufacturing lights that use these updated technologies, the prices dropped, the bulbs improved and consumers saw lower energy bills for doing very little.

See a Problem?

By , all bulbs were supposed to be LEDs, including bulbs for candelabras, recessed lighting, heavy-duty applications and others added in the latter days of the Obama era. The editorial noted that the Trump administration has signaled that it would attempt to roll back the standards further in coming months.

The Trump administration should halt its know-nothing rollback. In my environmental balance, we should be seeking out painless, passive ways to make things a bit better.

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As I am reminded about eating towards better health, we need not go on starvation diets, we just need to pay better attention to everyday habits. The habit in this administration seems to be doing the opposite.

Capitol Hill’s Most Unhinged Republicans – Mother Jones

Yes, I am considering a run for president. I am not a political pro trying to top off his resume.

Why Do Republican Women Love A Party That Hates Them?

I am considering a run only because I am convinced the major parties have lost their way. The Republicans are captives of their right wing. The Democrats are captives of their left wing. In the op-ed, Trump said he came to his decision after then Minnesota Gov.

Fact Check: Did Trump say in '98 Republicans are dumb?

Jesse Ventura — who was elected as a Reform Party candidate — encouraged him to run. Trump on CNN, Oct. Can a Reform Party candidate win? Because I believe I could get the Reform Party nomination.

Trump Reportedly Called Sessions a “Dumb Southerner.” What Do Alabama Republicans Think of That?

The Democrats are too far left. The Republicans are too far right. We also did a search in Nexis and could find no such quote from Trump in any major publication in the country.

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I am not a political pro trying to top off his resume. He sighed. His cute, seemingly market-tested way of saying it: having a card doesn't mean you have care. And Jeff Sessions is well thought of here, too. How did the GOP become so conservative?

We reached out to Thomas, who contacted us about the Facebook meme, to tell him it was a fake. You need to check your sources.