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Pearson Education Stephen L. Sometimes blogging morphs into surfing, so there might be more time spent on the blog than I show. Ha, just came back from our holiday and we had a very similar schedule during most of it. This was a family centered holiday, so not much sight seeing and more visits to friends and family, lots of walks, bicycle rides and boating. We mentioned to various friends what we are planning to do in about 7 years, and they react exactly as you noted. However, when you ask them the question if they prefer work over a holiday, the answer is simple.

Then mention that they should see FI as a permanent holiday and it starts to make a lot more sense to them. It seems that most folks like the idea, but are not sure if they actually want to get there, apparently its complicated ;-. Work would have to be pretty awesome for me to enjoy it more than spending time with friends or family or engaging in other fun activities I enjoy.

Aah envy!

So does your Reddit time count as surf? I just wanted to say I appreciate your posts on the financial independence sub. You are always very patient and helpful. I discovered this concept for myself last Sept and my whole outlook has changed. I was thinking we were 25 years away but blogs like yours have opened our eyes to the possibilities, so again, thanks. I really like the look of the first one!

Haddon for it, maybe.. Quite honestly, RoG, I feel like things have only gotten serious in the past few months for me in regards to early retirement. I guess this is all a part of growing up and things definitely got real! So thank you for continuing to write about your adventures and journey through early retirement. I sincerely enjoy reading about it! It is such an inspiration, a great motivator, and I grow a little bit every day from it. As for the pay off debt vs. The mortgage at 3. But emotionally, paying off debt can help you feel more secure knowing you owe little or nothing on the roof over your head.

Why NOW Is The Time To Diversify With Self-Directed IRAs

A wealth of information on how to finance major assets like homes and cars. This deter. The contents of this journal are the copyright of The Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India, whose permission is necessary for reproduction in whole or in part. The Monthly Budgeting Worksheet in Figure 1. If you invest in countries where the political structure is not as stable as in the United States, you run the risk of a change in government, whic h will dramatically devalue the worth of your holdings.

I love, love, love this post! That sounds very awesome! I look forward to a similar blend of different types of activities. An ideal day for me would be spent partially outside working on homestead projects gardening, hiking, repairing stuff, chopping wood, etc and partially inside writing. Nice visuals!

I feel the same way.

Chapter n - Credit, Jobs, Capital Investment and Tax Incremental Financing Programs

Amazing to see the contrast in those two schedules! That beautifully color balanced schedule is absolutely something to aspire to! This schedule is incredibly helpful. Your calendar has made those imaginations a bit more real! It lets you decide how you run your life without worrying about covering your day to day living expenses.

How you spend your time and whether you work and how you work is all up to you. Wow…that work schedule is depressing to look at when compared to the early retirement one. Looking at the early retirement schedule definitely motivates me to reach early FI. I spend a lot of my time as a caregiver but the sheer joy of not having to commute or go to a job I hate makes retirement a wonderful thing.

I have been retired for a year and a half. I have plenty of time to read and get more involved in my photography. I have yet to be bored.


I spend less time on my finances now because everything is pretty much on auto-pilot. I do a brief review once a month and take a more in depth look every six months. Retirement is happiness x infinity. I hope everyone reading this blog will have the opportunity to experience it. I only run across your site this year and have enjoyed reading your posts. It is great to see people achieve their goals towards FI and early retirement.

This post really hit home for me — what will my schedule look like once I retire? My life today is much like your past schedule where the bulk of you hours during the week are filled with work. What a concept to flip that schedule on its head for things that are more important than work! I too may be retiring before my wife.


The s of Retirement Planning is a primer. It's the first step on the path to understanding investing for your retirement. Many people think IRAs, SEP IRAs and. [READ ONLINE] The s of Retirement Planning (Little Books of Investing) by Jude Bedell,. Meredith Rosen. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every.

Granted I am older, have worked longer, and have made more money than her. Sounds great! Ah man! I get bored easily, especially at work, so managed this by changing employer or career every few years. Found the concept of Financial Independence last year, re-organised my habits and hammering my way down the path. Congrats on learning about FI! Kind of blows your mind that FIRE is possible once you really learn about it. Some people have looooong commutes and work way more than 40 hours. I was very fortunate to have minute commutes and rarely work more than 40 hrs.

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Paid employment seems to make him happy, so who am I to judge! I wish I found something I loved doing every day, but it simply never happened. Enjoyed reading this post. I have a little less than 4 years till I retire, and I plan to have a schedule not unlike yours, with different pursuits mixed in for each day.

As a sometime workaholic, I recognized that I might want to work, so I am 6 months into starting a side gig, that should be a pretty good part time maybe 20 hours per week business in 4 years. They talked about how now leisure time is more stressful than working. I can see that. You seem to be heavily scheduled. I really agree with that. So the dichotomy between work and nonwork time is not cut and dried. Perhaps you could brainstorm another way of thinking about it? One would think that there are times or stuff we like to do that we really, really like and that brings us joy and to increase those time frames or activities while decreasing the activities that are just so so or antijoy.

You might find in the not too distant future that you actually desire to work and find a position that brings more joy to your life than doing dishes, video games, errands etc.. You would have to set the terms of course. Which from your position of strength would not be difficult. Of course, as always, I could be totally wrong and you could have the absolute perfect deal just now? I think I do have the perfect deal right now and it would be pretty hard to replicate my schedule and the flexibility of the schedule with any kind of a real job.

Just hard to imagine that day ever coming unless the absolute perfect job walked in my front door and offered itself to me.

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