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Life as a US Expatriate Abroad – Things to Consider
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Curse you, ! Intertwined national economies mean more opportunities for Americans to work abroad. So, where do American expats go? The majority of U. That being said, hundreds of thousands of Americans have successfully ventured to faraway countries such as the Phillipines, Italy, and South Korea. You have the capability to go just about anywhere and do just about anything this year.

A quick Google image search will show you why! Beyond Prague, cities such as Brno and Ostrava offer a concentrated dose of Czech culture and countryside. Pros for expats: Compared to most European destinations, newcomers can enjoy a cheaper cost of living in the Czech Republic. Cons for expats: By far the most difficult aspect of expatriate life in the Czech Republic is learning the language.

Auckland is a modern hub of commerce and culture whereas Queenstown is the dream destination of any adventure traveller. Pros for expats: Short-term work visas are easy to get for U. American expats in New Zealand should prepare for much higher housing costs and should probably dine out less, even with an expected boost in income. The most traveled to country on the planet may just become your next staycation. Paris is a double-shot of art and opportunity for international workers who are looking to renew this passion for life. Or, expats can seek a more authentically French experience by working in Marseilles , Lyon , or even the countryside.

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Pros for expats: The norm in France is hour work weeks, longer lunches, and much more frequent holidays. Just about the opposite of your current job, huh? The French locals will likely take some time to warm up to ya. Additionally, work visas have to be organized by your employer so you have to find work prior to arrival.

Just interesting enough to keep you on your toes yet familiar enough to stay collected, Germany is a hyper-satisfying destination and one of the best places to live abroad for a year. Berlin is where diverse startups and partygoers meet for a cheaper cost of living. Charming cities such as Munich and Cologne seek skilled professionals for ever-changing demands in the technology or research industries. Pros for expats: felt chaotic, right? Arguably a step in the right direction for an American, the German workplace is very structured.

You simply work hard then clock out! Cons for expats: Generally speaking, the job market is very competitive for foreigners. To be offered a full-time position, your employer will need to prove that no other German could perform the same job. A tropical playground for nomads and wanderlusters alike, Thailand has emerged as one of the best places for expats Southeast Asia.

Thailand attracts many young professionals looking for endless beaches, vivid cultural experiences, and unimaginable street eats. The capital city of Bangkok is where floating markets and modern tech hubs collide, the island of Phuket is world-class coastlines, and the northern city of Chiang Mai your chance to slow down.

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An expatriate (often shortened to expat) is a person residing in a country other than their native .. several thrillers overseas since his debut The Expats (). Janice Y. K. Lee in The Expatriates () dealt with Americans in Hong Kong. The American diaspora or overseas Americans refers to the population of United States citizens . neutral states like Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland, offered asylum to thousands of American expatriates who refused to fight.

Thailand has it all! Pros for expats: Thailand is a highly affordable destination for those looking to decompress. However, your lifestyle will make a big difference on your budget. As expected, the cities are cheaper but less luxurious than the islands.

American Expatriate Communities in Mexico

Cons for expats: One of the most common complaints among Americans living in Thailand is the weather. A tropical paradise it may be, but Thailand is known for its humid heat and a prolonged rainy season that can put a damper on day-to-day life for longer visits. This peaceful nation of sprawling nature, friendly locals, and amazing coffee is a pristine getaway for a hopeful new you.

The city of Limon happens to be one of the most lush regions in Costa Rica and boasts a whole different type of food, language, and culture. More on that below.

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O Canada! Remember when Americans crashed the immigration website for our friendly neighbors to the North? Vancouver is the pacific northwest at its best with a flair of big city creativity. Pros for expats: The most obvious benefit of a Canadian relocation is how similar it is to daily life in the United States.

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Cons for expats: By far the most difficult aspect of expatriate life in the Czech Republic is learning the language. Remnants of the old British Empire, for example, can still be seen in the form of gated communities staffed by domestic workers. All rights reserved. It has a functional political system with little corruption, a highly educated population, and progressive LGBTQ laws and attitudes. What's the catch: Tight visa rules make long stays in Thailand tricky. Our focus is American Expat Tax Services and we have over 30 yrs. Human Resources Management.

Canadians and Americans actually share similar attitudes about religion, government, and individuality despite their face value. Thus, Canada is a great step for those looking for change rather than complete disorientation. Seemingly insignificant, the average American may find it frustrating shopping without as many big box stores and having your usual Netflix choices cut in half.

Cityscapes of endless entertainment, 4 breathtaking seasons, and a boosting economy is reason enough to pack those bags and head east. Front and center sits Seoul , an ancient capital turned high-tech haven and a melting pot of international employees. Too crowded? Head for Busan , a coastal city tucked below rugged mountains offering just about everything for the modern adventurer. Pros for expats: South Korea is known for being extremely welcoming towards newcomers.

With a jam-packed schedule of events and festivities, South Korea is a guaranteed gateway to friends from around the world. Cons for expats: South Korea and North Korea are technically still at war, despite half a century of ceasefire. South Korea remains to be very safe but it is important to stay up to date with all the happenings in the region. Who would have guessed the nation that tops nearly every listicle would have made it onto this one?

Sweden is practically the Meryl Streep of countries and obviously one of the best places to live abroad for a year. Pros for expats: Imagine American efficiency on a whole new level! Long holidays, clean cities, and accessibility make a Swede sabbatical from the states a big plus like the flag. Cons for expats: You guessed it. The cost of accomodation is exorbitant and common goods can be very expensive in cities comparative to U. No seriously, Peru is an amazing place to find your center or simply check off most of your bucket list. Reside in Cusco , the ancient capital of the Incan Empire which is a perfect basecamp for all things outdoors.

Machu Picchu, anyone? Boom baby! World-class restaurants, fresh ingredients, and creative chefs make fine dining or street eats a remarkable experience. Ceviche, stews, and of course avocados will always be prepped and ready to go for the starved adventurer. There are some neighborhoods where mafias reign supreme and checking your bills and coins for counterfeit is a natural part of the transaction. Thus, extra caution is a given when moving to Peru. Lucky for us, the American passport is one of the best in the world.

This means you have more opportunities to visit and live in a variety of countries than most. For example, Sri Lanka lays off-the-beaten-path yet offers untamed opportunity thanks to a booming industry.

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Taiwan is a hidden gem and was reported by Forbes as one of the best places for quality of life and personal finances for expats. However, if a man from America moves to the Netherlands, this cultural assimilation will be far different. In this article, we will go over some practical key tips on how to relocate to the Netherlands and which cultural differences you should be aware of to make integrating easier. As an expat, there may be some fees you could be exempt of. One being the Dutch registration tax on importing a car. Speak with a relocation specialist or a financial advisor to see which taxes you may be exempt from due to your status.

Because of this, Americans need a visa to work and live in the Netherlands.

10 Best Places to Live Abroad for Americans

While in most cases, expats moving to the Netherlands will have already settled their visa situation, there may be some who have not. So, make sure you have your visa situation sorted and are on the same page with your employer. In return, you can claim benefits from the government if applicable. Your employer can pay directly into your bank account and if you have a Dutch one, payment will be faster.

For local taxes, you pay the local municipality and water board. Additionally, it is extremely important to speak with a financial advisor to find out if there are applicable tax treaties between your country and the country you are going to. While there is more to be said when talking about the logistics of settling into the Netherlands, there is also the cultural aspect.

13 Easiest Countries For Americans To Move To!

Coming from America can be a shock when going to any country - especially in Europe. In the Netherlands, people are more direct and like planning. Meaning, they will tell you what they mean to your face. They appreciate this sort of honesty and view it as an opportunity to improve. Additionally, they like to plan - meaning they do not like uncertainty. This does not mean the Dutch are not nice! They are typically warm and friendly people - you will enjoy your stay! Living in a new country means adjusting to new idiosyncrasies and there will be an adjustment period.