Quixotic--The Origins of Rip and Tide, Super Hero Surfers! (Quixotic Chronicles Book 1)

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As the trio contemplate their future in the summer holiday, the directionless Arti's destiny is chosen FOR her; by See More the long-dormant amulet she's worn ever since her eighth birthday. Join Arti, her family, friends and enemies in this quest for Bear Spirit. Wood author of audiobook 'Nameless' and novel The Saviour , Bear Spirit is the latest entry in his universe. Originally a radio-serial broadcast on Beartown Radio throughout , this engaging fantasy is set in D. Wood's hometown of Congleton, Cheshire, England. It is to promote the town itself and its local radio station.

Beautiful Red Category: Audiobooks. The future is boring. Technology has solved the world's most pressing problems, leaving people with tedious work and mundane play. Jack is a Security Officer Class 5, which sounds important, but isn't. However, her banal life as a cubicle worker by day and tinkerer by night is interrupted when she discovers that her See More employer's computer system has been invaded. Jack enlists the help of her only friends — her co-worker, Gilles and Adrian, an online friend she's never met — to help her track down the source of the invasion.

Her investigation leads her to a shadowy group called the Red, where Jack learns that not everyone lives a life of quiet servitude. Even though she believes that the Red are responsible for a series of gruesome attacks, Jack begins to become attracted to their worldview. In her search for the people responsible for the attacks, she confronts the leaders of the group as well as her own burgeoning sense of self-awareness. Stumble into the dark imagination of Dar Qwynd with these quirky shorts that thrill, chill, and mildly titillate-if you are in that sort of mood, of course.

The bites and bits of oddity include: "The Sitter" - An obnoxious suburban princess is called by the darkness that bulges beyond the world to claim her terrible See More birthright.

CHEAP Rip-Off App: Super Hero Fight 3! (Marvel and DC Characters)

Does she answer the call? Pulled by strings of happen-such and circumstance, the band's fate will leave you wondering Beneath Category: Audiobooks. The first man to come into contact with the microbes hears voices—and then dies. After determining the See More meteorite originated from Europa, the Global Exploratory Corporation sends oceanographer and biologist, Kathy Connelly, and her crew to the moon aboard the Surveyor, an experimental spacecraft.

They are charged with the task of melting through miles of ice to the hidden ocean beneath, where the search for alien microorganisms begins. But a startling discovery awaits them on the surface of Europa. Intoxicated by thoughts of what might lie beneath, Connelly and her crew activate the Thermal Exploratory System and melt through the ice—toward a world that does not want to be found, toward a force that will do anything to make sure they never leave.

They search for life. They find death. His story-telling is as tight as ever, delivering thrills that raise the heart rate and science detail that gets the mind cranking just has hard. Robinson strips away all that we hold dear, sends us into the deep dark, and dares us to make our way out of it.

Two words: Jeremy Robinson. Betrayed Category: Audiobooks. The War is over. Isabella has won, and the Talent Master is dead. All he wants is to tip a bottle, stare at walls, and recover. The Isabellan government and slavers both want him dead. Savages look to him as See More their prophesied savior. His lawyer wants to control him. His neighbors and friends have been murdered, and a once dead shaman declares him a servant of her One God. Aaron has to make things right.

His honor demands it. Dusting off his guns, he sets aside his grief, readies his Talent, and declares a one man war against a nation that has betrayed him, the Clan, and itself. An ancient artifact of unfathomable power. An unseen enemy who knows how to wield it. A hero who can manifest his special ability three nights a month. A recipe for action and suspense or an open invention to a butt kicking?

See More a vengeful ghost for justice, against cosmic forces contained within a sphere fashioned by the gods. Actually, a god. Okay, not a god but a titan, which is not quite a god but still pretty impressive. And the Moon Wraith is not really a ghost but a Tell you what, just download it and find out for yourself. There are a thousand stories in the naked city; and when you're a dwarf at four-foot-one, they all look that much taller.

Somewhere in this Underworld of Chicago, an See More enchanted weapon holds the key to ending The Gangland Wars. In the wake of The St. Valentine's Day Massacre, only one is man enough to stand up against Al Capone Billy Barbarian Category: Audiobooks. For a barbarian, life is simple. But for Billy Barbarian there has to be more to life. In the mighty, booming metropolis of Sethopolis Billy seeks employment, and finds it. His first job is to protect Ms.

Celine Dijon while she is See More giving a concert at Stump Arena. Through his assignment, Billy gets to meet the famous real estate developer, Ronald Stump. Can this sturdy barbarian do what needs to be done to protect her? Is he strong enough and quick witted enough? Join Billy, Jack Indabocks and Phat Cao as Billy tries to deal with dragons, skyscrapers, wizards, and evil plots as they try to keep Ms. Celine safe. Will his first job in the big city be his last?

Find out! Biography of a Grizzly Category: Audiobooks. This is the story of Metitsi Wahb, born a playful cub, orphaned young by the murder of his mother, his brothers and sister, raising himself surrounded by enemies, and growing to the fiercest creature anywhere in his vast range -- though See More showing himself a gentleman in the Yellowstone National Park.

And finally, he is laid low by a smaller, more cunning enemy, and defeated in the end by age and injury. This was the first full book I ever recorded for my "Stories from the Hiber-Nation" podcast, a natural choice, and in some ways my favorite. I hope I've done this fairly short story justice, and that you, too, will feel the passion for nature in Seton's writing. Black Jack Category: Audiobooks. Confidence artist Jacob Springer discovers that his mother, a Faierie, has been murdered in London.

Can he track down her killer while the police have their hands full with Jack the Ripper's reign of terror? Featuring the voice This audio drama was originally serialized on the HorrorAddicts. Black Magic Category: Audiobooks. Matt Black and Dr. Stranger things are afoot however See More when their friend, L.

Frank Baum, finds a man who was brutally attacked not far from the Fair. This story was originally serialized on the HorrorAddicts. Black Star Passes Category: Audiobooks. Follow along with Arcot, Morey, and Wade as they discover a revolutionary form of propulsion, visit our neighboring planets, and go up against aliens from a rogue solar system that passes close to our own. See More magazine. Scott D. Farquhar from Prometheus Radio Theatre. Blast of the Dragon's Fury Category: Audiobooks.

Ten-year-old, Andy Smithson believes he is merely a kid too often in trouble--until his destiny as the Chosen One to break a year-old curse is revealed. Swept away to the land of Oomaldee of medieval times era, he discovers he must collect several ingredients for a magic potion to defeat the oppressive curse that plagues the land, See More the first of which is the scale of a red dragon, the fiercest of all dragon species.

There's just one tiny problem, he's never battled dragons, except in video games. Armed with only his wits, an ancient sword and a magic key, he must overcome grave peril at every turn before he can even attempt the feat. No pressure, but it's his skill alone that will save - or condemn - the kingdom forever.

Blood Witness Category: Audiobooks. Catherine is a year old vampire. Chris is a high school senior. She is a blood sucking creature of the night. Together they discover something that threatens the existence of every vampire, and the only solution is to break the One Law that binds them all. In a world where magic is real and monsters lurk in the shadows, the only hope people have for saviors are a pair of janitors. See More cleaning and house flipping. She is as surprised as anyone to be making money from this unhealthy combination. Making do with a police station janitor job by day and reality TV shows and take out food at night.

Unfortunately for our reluctant heroes the Fantastical World is a mess. Mythical monsters are running amuck, amoral wizards are experimenting on innocents, and one of the worst kinds of trouble is about to crash into their quiet little worlds. Emma is a golem, an unstopable monster made of clay. For an extra kick the fiend that made her used clay created with the ashes taken from the ovens of Dachau.

Unfortunately she does this by killing everyone and anyone in her way, regarless of innocence, and in the most brutal ways possible. Knowing that they are the only ones who have a chance of stopping the monster, Grace and Poppy need to face their own demons and become the heroes that this world desperatley needs. Bobby and the Bedouins Category: Audiobooks. Mario Flambeau was once a guitar god, a superstar in the psychedelic heyday. When a desperate producer finds him in a church basement in a band with other derelicts, he has visions of a major comeback payday.

See More got all the makings of a true rock and roll apocalypse. This eBook- and audiobook-only collection brings you more of Scott's thought-provoking short stories from his five years of weekly storytelling, as well as a brand-new HUNTER Bones Burnt Black Category: Audiobooks. A serial killer—brilliant, methodical and suicidal—sabotages a large commercial spacecraft's engines to set it on an eight-day trajectory to burn up in the sun, then remains aboard ship to murder and torment its passengers and crew. With no other ships near enough to reach them, rescue is impossible, and the few survivors fight See More their unknown enemy while trying to invent a way to survive the growing heat of the sun.

Bones Burnt Black is exciting, and expertly told. A must-listen. Hutchins, author of the 7th Son trilogy. Boone Barnaby Category: Audiobooks. If you liked Clear Heart, I think you'll like this one too. And better yet, this one's friendly to children. Boone Barnaby is about three boys testing the limits of life in their scrappy little town. See More and talking to dragonflies. Boone Barnaby lives in a small town full of large characters: San Puerco, California.

The dogcatcher is after Boone's dog. The town hoodlum is throwing rocks. Boone's father is arrested for burning down houses. The adult world doesn't seem fair, but with the help of his friends—Danny and Babcock—Boone tries to make things right and maybe learn just who he is and what he stands for. Boone Barnaby is Part One of the San Puerco Trilogy, three award-winning novels that have been loved by adults and children alike, about the adventures of three boys in a town of cranks and dreamers—and adventurous children. Joe Cottonwood lives in the scrappy little town of La Honda, California, which has its own share of cranks and dreamers—and adventurous children.

He has written four award-winning novels for children including the best-selling Quake! He has worked as a plumber, electrician, and carpenter and currently makes his living as a building contractor. One note before you listen: The novel was written in before every house had a computer, every person could get a cell phone, and every mom drove an SUV.

It was written when every President was a white man. Borrowed Time Category: Audiobooks. Ness Relevant is living on borrowed time. Molecular implosion, cellular degeneration, and dangerous men are but a few of the perils faced by the friendly and unassuming forensic photographer. His quiet bachelorhood is interrupted when he receives an innocent looking device in the mail from a friend and former college professor.

See More unexpectedly finds himself embroiled in events driven by his friend's success. Before his time runs out Ness must travel back to an uncomfortable past to prevent an unthinkable future. Briarwood Girls Category: Audiobooks. The 'Kindred Spirit' are a group of seven friends who met in their freshman year at Briarwood College. The girls have all sorts of difficulties during their sophomore year.

Allison won't be able to come back to school because she has no money. A new girl comes to college and doesn't fit in. The girls have other See More troubles and triumphs. This is a charming young adult story written in the s about college women of the day. Broken Category: Audiobooks. The city of Charlton is a city divided: Upper Charlton, where the rich and powerful work and play, and Charlton Terrace, where the poor are kept from crossing the ever-widening economic gap by corporate dynasties controlling the flow of capital, their security firms controlling the city police, and numerous gangs controlling the streets.

See More Miranda Garren has a chance of escaping the Terrace's oppression and making a new life for herself with the help of an old family friend and his plans for advanced medical technology. Criofan Byrne is the city's favorite son, champion of the local boxing circuit and heir to a corporate empire.

Their separate worlds are brought together and destroyed around them in a single night by the leader of the Cabezas de Muerte gang, who will stop at nothing in order to make a name for himself in Upper Charlton. Forced into using the experimental prosthetic technology Miranda had been working on, Criofan must put aside everything he knew of his privileged existence and work with Miranda.

Together, they must find a way to escape the machinations of the cruel, vindictive gang leader, the life he's thrust them into, each other and themselves—and reclaim control of what remains of their lives. Broken Escalator Category: Audiobooks. On October 5th of last year, the escalators at West Edmonton Mall shut down simultaneously due to what was believed to be a series of mechanical failures, stranding thousands on the second floor.

See More people, if any, understand what really happened during the period when that area of the mall was cut off from the rest of the world. My name is Christopher Munroe, and this is the story of what happened to me. This isn't the whole story of what happened at West Edmonton Mall that horrible day, but it is my story. This is the story of the people I met, the things I had to endure, and the lengths I went to, to survive Brood of Bones Category: Audiobooks. Cursed with endless drowsiness, Enchantress Hiresha sleeps more than she lives.

Since she never has had a chance to raise a family, she sometimes feels like every woman is pregnant except for her. This time, she is right. From virgin to grandmother, all the women in her city have conceived. One unexpected pregnancy is a drama; fifty See More thousand is citywide hysteria. A lurking sorcerer drains power from the unnatural pregnancies, and Hiresha must track him by his magic. Unfortunately, her cultured education in enchantment ill equips her to understand his spellcraft, which is decidedly less than proper. The only person uncivilized enough to help is the Lord of the Feast, a dangerous yet charming illusionist.

When Isaac Newton figured out the law of gravity from a falling apple, everything changed. When Benjamin Franklin harvested electricity from lightening and Thomas Edison made the first commercial light bulb, everything changed. Given that the physical universe which looks and feels so real to us is actually a unique holographic projection from our own brain, the author examines various models for life and living that are very different than what we have been told and taught.

Amit Goswami is quoted as saying. It is not. Quantum Physics has been so clear about it. I appreciate your personal insights and sharing. Thanks again for a brilliant read. I have no words to describe how I feel Now after I read the book. It is refreshing to see something that is both free and very accurate. I gained so much from the book. Your work explains for free so much truth in simplicity that I know to be correct. The quantum physics material is brilliant. Its a total masterpiece! I'm definitely recommending it to others. Your viewpoint is so fresh and logical.

The way you have incorporated the quantum physics aspect is spellbinding. I am simply overwhelmed by your imagination and the ability to communicate so clearly. By Your Side Category: Talk. While haunted by visions of her brother's suicide, psychic-medium Miranda Lorensen is called to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to investigate a series of bizarre deaths--some of which are also suicides. Miranda and her team of paranormal investigators quickly find themselves confronted by a vengeful spirit awakened 33 years after a bloody See More family tragedy.

Miranda realizes that only she can stop the entity before it claims its final victims, but will her obsession for saving lives redeem her for the brother she failed? Love is connecting with the man in the maroon Bonneville who killed your Big Naked Guy. Love is responding to grief by inviting the Devil into your home. Love is learning your mom is boinking a dude in a squirrel costume. See More themselves in the worst pickles, thanks to love. Join them as they travel the wandering, unpredictable path of love.

Several have won regional or national contests. You will note, the stories carry a Southern theme. Many are humorous. If the message resonates with you, or you just like the story, feel free to click on the Charities page and follow the accompanying links. Do not feel you must make a donation—this is purely optional, at your discretion, take it or leave it. Calling God and Casting Lots first shares a brief history of the practice of casting the lot by ancient Israelites as told in the Old and New Testaments.

Then Vic Zarley shares his own experimentation with it as he and his wife prayerfully cast lots when they felt they needed the Lord's guidance. Amazingly, as they faithfully See More prayed and cast the lot -- true story after true story affirms Theme song "Lonely Piano1" by Rick Clarke. Call Me Category: Audiobooks. The Feelers are adepts of extreme sensations, who, thanks to nano-implants at the level of the central nervous system, have the capacity to enter into physical resonance with certain vibrations. In transit between Paris and New York he leafs See More through a magazine and is instantly captivated by a photo of Eva and the impossible message she left for him.

Clever advertising, bad taste hoax or call of destiny, Milos is determined to discover the mysterious Eva. Call of the Herald Category: Audiobooks. A World of Godsland novel. Echoes of the ancients' power are distant memories, tattered and faded by the passage of eons, but that is about to change. A new dawn has arrived. Latent abilities, harbored in mankind's deepest fibers, wait to be unleashed. Ancient evils awaken, and old fears ignite the fires of war.

In times such See More as these, ordinary people have the power to save the world. Capitol Coven Category: Talk. Ninety percent of the federal laws, resolutions, and appropriations pass or fail in the U. Congress by a handful of votes. When Alexander Judd stumbles upon the possibility of collusion in these votes, and sets out to investigate it, he quickly finds himself kidnapped by a trash-talking Elfy Cane.

Who is wanted for murder. See More the guy's heart out. Then, linked to Elfy by association, Alex finds the police are now after him. What more could a slightly out-of-shape widower ask? Well, falling in love with her wasn't one of them. Nor was having her fall into the clutches of the shadowy Church of the Dark Light, a secret coven meeting in the great building atop Jenkins Heights. Known today as Capitol Hill. Captain Blackwell's Prize Category: Talk. See More putting into Gibraltar with his treasure and his new mistress Blackwell is informed by his irate evangelical admiral of the Treaty of Amiens, denying him prize money earned by the capture and setting Mercedes at liberty.

But the self-possessed American has formed a strong attachment to lusty Captain Blackwell. Casa Del Queso Category: Audiobooks. A group house of twenty-somethings in Pittsburg, Kansas is suddenly rocked when jealousy turns to grief and grief turns to streams of water coming from the face of a former housemate. Can Darrah, the itinerant lesbian, find a way to stop the gushing water and save all the house's wayward husbands and redeem the house? See More infidelity destroy them all? Do any of them ever, ever go to bed? Cell U. A Science fiction Radiodrama audiobook of Vampires and Human Cellphones, with songs and sound effects!

Written, performed, and produced by MarkPlimsoll, www. Certified is the pacey, true life account of David Harris; how he went from typical Aussie kid to mentally deranged criminal, then experiences a most surprising transformation. The first-ever romance fiction title presented on Podiobooks. See More anymore. Set in the sensuous surrounds of steamy, tropical India, "Chase Around The World" weaves an intricate web of passion and deception as Emerald follows the mysterious Ace into the unknown of a foreign country. With their heightening romance shrouded in deceit, there's plenty of sexual tension and emotional conflicts to keep you glued to your headphones.

Chasing the Bard Category: Audiobooks. Born into the human world with a gift; a gift that brings him to the attention of powers both dark and light from the World of the Fey, it is his burden to defend all the world. Sive, the goddess of battle, hopes that he may be able to change the fate of her people.

The Fey are dying, killed by something beyond the boundaries of worlds, See More and Sive will do anything to save them. So she enlists the help of her trickster cousin Puck to guard the child, and watch him grow into his gift. But a dark power imprisoned by human and Fey, plots to destroy both worlds, and unmake all that they have created.

Can one boy stop the destruction, even if he is William Shakespeare? Cheating, Death Category: Audiobooks. When the walking dead fill the streets, who can cheat death? Who can survive? Featuring a zombie outbreak that devastates Denver, an indecisive adulterer, and a series of violent, disturbing, and perhaps even heart-rending events of the sort you'd expect when the dead rise up to eat the living, Cheating, Death is a roller-coaster See More ride through a horror show both of death and of the heart.

Cheating, Death is the fourth glimpse of the storybook universe first seen in Lost and Not Found, and gives a detailed look at the zombie outbreak that put the events of Forget What You Can't Remember in motion. Checkwolf - Book 1 Category: Talk.

Bronze Age True Believers Descend on Chicago!

Checkwolf is a crimefighting organization, a group of talented vigilantes who have come together to battle corruption in their own way. Led by the enigmatic Sean Matts, this group of a dozen skilled men venture out into a small-scale area in the fictional metropolis named Kewanee, righting wrongs that the police are unable to touch. See More Initially, they operate from a small garage owned by one of the Checkwolf members, the epitome of a minor operation.

But Sean Matts has a greater vision for his group, one that will take them from their humble beginnings and turn them into a force to be feared. The Checkwolf series is a collection of stories chronicling the activities of Checkwolf's third phase, from its mainstream recognition to its full integration. Book 1 is a group of general stories: getting to know Checkwolf and their methods as they gain mainstream recognition, watching them learn and adapt to new situations. Checkwolf - Book 2 Category: Audiobooks. The second of four books about the fictional crimefighting team known as Checkwolf picks up directly after the first.

The members of Checkwolf get a chance to meet a childhood idol, expand their team, and encounter new strangeness as they work to make the city they live in safer, one criminal at a time. The Checkwolf series is a See More collection of stories chronicling the activities of Checkwolf's third phase, from its mainstream recognition to its full integration. Book 2 features a mix of different kinds of stories, including appearances by other characters in the Checkwolf universe.

After becoming familiar with the mission and methods of Checkwolf in Book 1, the slightly different feel and perspective of many of these stories help to reflect the maturation of the group as a force in the fictional city of Kewanee. Checkwolf - Book 3 Category: Audiobooks. The third of four books in the Checkwolf series examines the aftereffects of the drama from the end of the previous book, as well as introducing a major new threat to the organization and city they are sworn to protect, all while the team tries to maintain unity within the ranks.

The Checkwolf series is a collection of stories See More chronicling the activities of Checkwolf's third phase, from its mainstream recognition to its full integration. Book 3 demonstrates a darker and more threatening tone than the previous two releases — which is no surprise in view of the concluding moments of Book 2. The ability of the group to function as a team is put under a constant strain, reflecting the difficult times they are facing. The fourth and final book of the Checkwolf series picks up directly after the events of the previous book.

Operatives of Master, the antagonist that Checkwolf has been made progressively more aware of, kick into high gear, and Checkwolf is tasked with trying to figure out exactly what is going on. Though things look increasingly bleak, See More there is light at the end of the tunnel In Book 4 are some of the darkest moments in the entire series. Expect major changes to occur. Also, the format of the book is altered slightly, as Book 4 is a coherent whole, "number 38", if you will.

Cheval Bayard Category: Talk. If Sarah Reeves was a faery instead of a human, it would be a whole lot easier for her to get what she wants: to ride Cheval Bayard in an elite competition; to earn a spot on the Mundane Intervention Team; and for Brendan Greenwood to like her. But Regan, her archrival at the stables is doing everything she can to steal Cheval Bayard out See More from under Sarah. There are more students than spaces for the Mundane Intervention Team, and competition is fierce.

And Brendan inexplicably likes mean-girl Dahlia. After all, she seems to be the one person who is painfully ordinary in a place where everyone and everything is magic. But when she and her friends stumble upon a terrifying conspiracy, her humanity may be the only thing that can save both worlds.

Chicken Pi Category: Talk. Chicken Pi: Twisted tales intended for a mature audience. Be sure to subscribe to Chicken Pi; more twisted tales will be added. Children of Rhatlan Category: Audiobooks. Garum and Vayin are "duals," twins trapped in each other's minds and bodies, sharing one life. When a deranged wizard hunts them, whom can they turn to? Their mentor? The city guard Vayin loves?

The Wizards' Guild? In a world that hates duals, anyone could be their enemy, and one misstep could get them killed. See More "Children of Rhatlan is a unique romp through an original world that not only entertained me, but made me think as well. I can think of no higher praise for a fantasy novel. Children of Rhatlan is a winner! Christy Category: Audiobooks. A journey tale about love, loss, and what it truly means to come home. Christy, a woman hardened by the streets and clinging to a life of desperation must face her demons as she attends the funeral of an old friend.

Jack was the closest thing she ever had to a father even though their relationship had never been revealed to his See More family. Christy would have preferred for the alternative history of Jacks life to remain a secret, but that was not to be. When Christy is discovered by Jacks biological daughter, Jennifer, the truth is finally revealed as her story begins to unfold.

Christy recounts her memories and recollections as Jennifer seeks to understand the father that she thought she knew. Join these two unlikely acquaintances as they put aside their differences and engage in a discovery of their true selves buried in the emotional depths of love, loss, and what it means to truly come home.

He lives with his family near Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to his original fiction, Ken is also the translator of numerous literary and genre works from Chinese to English. Ken Liu now shares his finest short fiction in The Paper Menagerie. A must-have for every science fiction and fantasy fan, this beautiful book is an anthology to savor. Questions of identity galvanize the 15 stories in this outstanding collection of fantastical fiction, giving them extraordinary gravity and resonance. In "Good Hunting," the human companion of a supernatural creature from Chinese folklore contrives an ingenious way to help her adapt to a steampunk future.

The title tale which swept the Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Awards , in which a mother expresses love for her son through the magically animated origami animals she creates, is one of several in which the author uses Chinese-American experience to explore how all individuals assimilate into society. Whether writing about Asian culture and history, as in "The Literomancer" and "All the Flavors," or extraterrestrial civilizations, as in "The Bookmaking Habits of Select Species" and "An Advanced Reader's Picture Book of Comparative Cognition," Liu The Grace of Kings universalizes the experiences of his characters, who realize at some point, as the protagonist of "Mono No Aware" does, that "we are defined by the places that we hold in the web of others' lives.

Those who revere shorter speculative works will definitely want this book. Emotionally unpredictable, Liu's stories take off in unexpected directions and arrive at destinations both startling and satisfying. The Washington Post March 22nd, Butler, Liu probes our ethical wounds, examining injustice and oppression from some uncomfortable angles. There is a dark and sometimes shocking edge to some of these stories, but nearly all are provocative, and several are brilliant.

Liu's book compiles brilliant stories written in several different, overlapping modes, a technically dazzling collection of compulsively readable narratives, presenting characters with agonizing moral dilemmas and never forgetting the heart.

Wily, charming Kuni Garu, a bandit, and stern, fearless Mata Zyndu, the son of a deposed duke, seem like polar opposites. Yet, in the uprising against the emperor, the two quickly become the best of friends after a series of adventures fighting against vast conscripted armies, silk-draped airships, and shapeshifting gods.

Once the emperor has been overthrown, however, they each find themselves the leader of separate factions—two sides with very different ideas about how the world should be run and the meaning of justice. Fans of intrigue, intimate plots, and fast-paced action will find a new series to embrace in the Dandelion Dynasty. Liu is building a dynasty. It should rank amongst the genre's best works. It is nothing if not epic. Kuni Garu, now known as Emperor Ragin, runs the archipelago kingdom of Dara, but struggles to maintain progress while serving the demands of the people and his vision.

Then an unexpected invading force from the Lyucu empire in the far distant west comes to the shores of Dara—and chaos results. Barker is now a metro reporter at The New York Times, specializing in investigative reporting and narrative writing. Before joining The Times in mid, Ms. Kim Barker is not your typical, impassive foreign correspondent—she is candid, self-deprecating, laugh-out-loud funny. At first an awkward newbie in Afghanistan, she grows into a wisecracking, seasoned reporter with grave concerns about our ability to win hearts and minds in the region.

Meanwhile, in the vacuum left by the U. Barker watches Afghan police recruits make a travesty of practice drills and observes the disorienting turnover of diplomatic staff. And as her love for these hapless countries grows, her hopes for their stability and security fade. Swift, funny, and wholly original, The Taliban Shuffle unforgettably captures the absurdities and tragedies of life in a war zone. With dark, self-deprecating humor and shrewd insight, Barker chronicles her experiences as a rookie foreign reporter and the critical years when the Taliban resurged amidst the collapse of the Afghan and Pakistani governments.

Thompson, Barker provides sharp commentary on the impotence of American foreign policy in South Asia after the victory against the Taliban. Fierce, funny and unflinchingly honest. Novel both for its humor and for its perspective. With self-deprecation and a keen eye for the absurd, Barker describes her evolution from a green, fill-in correspondent to an adrenaline junkie. Laugh-out-loud funny, it is the true story of what it is like to be a female journalist in one of the world's most exotic war zones, while telling the reader much about what is really going on today in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

And there is carnage. And all sorts of mayhem. But mostly there are people, human beings even, with appetites—for life, for adventure, for riches, for love. Barker offers this world—the human world caught in the crosshairs of history—with a vitality rarely seen in accounts of the war. A compelling read that offers readers a glimpse of the goings-on behind the byline. Steve is proud to be a part of the development team at Disney Imagineering, creating new and exciting shows and attractions at the world's best theme parks.

He has also worked as a software developer, programming the production and artist tools used to convert 2D to 3D films such as Transformers 3, The Green Lantern, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Smurfs. Steven has been a championship-caliber amateur ballroom dance competitor, an iPhone app developer, a SCUBA enthusiast, and a consultant. He currently lives in San Diego. Meet the Dark Elf, Altira. She set out to rob a sultan, and ended up stealing the deadliest gem in the world. This mistake could cost Altira her life or save her race, and possibly the world as she knows it. As Altira struggles to triumph over the vast forces arrayed against her, she acquires mostly against her will a rich cast of unexpected allies perceptive dwarves, giant Phoenix birds with mysterious powers, and ephemeral creatures made from nothing but air.

Together they must find a way to defeat the army of assassins set against her, overcome the wrath of three nations, and forge allegiances with despised enemies, to reveal the truth to a people kept in darkness for. Dark Elf, Altira, is fierce, strong, determined, and feisty! After stealing a priceless gem, her life is on the line as she is now being trailed by assassins out to end it. What she soon finds out about the gem could mean saving her people and herself. This fun, fantasy adventure is not to be missed!

A treat for new and veteran fantasy readers alike. Dark Talisman is well worth a look" -- Monster Librarian. Amy S. Foster was born in Victoria, Canada to singer B.

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Cook and legendary record producer David Foster. ButAmy opted out of a career in music and chose international business instead. While going to American University in Washington DC, she took a course in creative writing with renowned poet Ann Darr that would change the direction of her life. After graduating, Amy moved to London to hone her literary skills, determined to get a collection of her own poetry published.

Her next release is, the first in the Battle Ground Trilogy, for Harper Collins is coming to a bookstore near you in the Fall of Normal seventeen-year-old girls go to high school, binge watch TV shows all weekend, and flirt with everyone on the face of the Earth. But Ryn Whitaker is trying to save it. Ryn is a Citadel. A soldier. A liar. Ryn and her fellow Citadels were specially chosen and trained to guard a Rift —one of fourteen unpredictable tears in the fabric of the universe that serve as doorways to alternate Earths. A fine-tuned weapon, Ryn is a picture-perfect Citadel.

When a young man named Ezra is pulled through the Rift, Ryn finds herself immediately drawn to him, despite her training. As Ryn and Ezra desperately try to get to that truth, they discover that each revelation blurs the line between the villains and the heroes even more. Beth Lewis was raised in the wilds of Cornwall and split her childhood between books and the beach. She has traveled extensively throughout the world and has had close encounters with black bears, killer whales, and great white sharks. She has been, at turns, a bank cashier, a fire performer, and a juggler, and she is currently a managing editor at Titan Books in London.

The Wolf Road is her first novel. She was just seven years old, wandering lost and hungry in the wilderness, when the solitary hunter took her in. But the man Elka thought she knew has been harboring a terrible secret. A monster. And now that Elka knows the truth, she may be his next victim. The Wolf Road is an intimate cat-and-mouse tale of revenge and redemption, played out against a vast, unforgiving landscape—told by an indomitable young heroine fighting to escape her past and rejoin humanity. Long after a cold war mis-step has turned back the clock to a time of living off the land, gold rush fever, and vigilante justice, a sassy young tomboy is saved from certain death by a strange tattooed backwoodsman, who raises her in isolation and teaches her his way of life.

This bombshell sets Elka on a campaign to find her long-lost parents and distance herself from the dangerous man she thought she knew. You won't know whether to root for or be afraid of heroine Elka, and you won't be able to put the book down. I was reminded of the beautiful savagery of Cormac McCarthy's The Road and the elegiac overtones of Dickey's Deliverance while reading—but Lewis has crafted something completely unique here, carried so powerfully along by the voice of its indelible young narrator.

It's impossible not to root for Elka as she fights her way through a chilling -- but disturbingly familiar -- wasteland. It masterfully dances between the savagery of the wild and the raw, blunt humor of frontier logic. A rollicking, striking read. Elka is a brilliant creation—fierce and vulnerable at the same time. Her story and her voice pull you in from the first page and never let you go. Gripping and unforgettable. Lee Martinez was born in El Paso, Texas. At the age of eighteen, for no apparent reason, he started writing novels.

Thirteen short years and a little over a dozen manuscripts later, his first novel, Gil's All Fright Diner was published. Since then he has published or is about to publish five additional novels, including the forthcoming Divine Misfortune. His hobbies include juggling, games of all sorts, and astral projecting.

Also, he likes to sing along with the radio when he's in the car by himself. She is a master of martial arts, a keen detective, and possesses a collection of strange artifacts. All she wants is to work in an office and date a nice, normal guy. With the Angela Richman Death Investigator series, Elaine returns to her hardboiled roots and uses her experience as a stroke survivor and her studies at the Medicolegal Death Investigators Training Course at St.

Louis University. Elaine is director at large for the Mystery Writers of America. Elaine won the Anthony, Agatha and Lefty Awards. The ultrawealthy families of Chouteau Forest may look down on a woman like death investigator Angela Richman, but they also rely on her. When a horrific car crash kills a Forest teenager, Angela is among the first on the scene. Her investigation is hardly underway, however, when she suffers a series of crippling strokes.

Misdiagnosed by the resident neurologist, Dr. Gravois, and mended by gauche yet brilliant neurosurgeon Dr. Jeb Travis Tritt, Angela faces a harrowing recovery. Gravois has been murdered…and the chief suspect is the surgeon who saved her life. Tritt from a death-row sentence—even if her progress is thwarted at every turn by a powerful and insular community poised to protect its own.

Her complicated heroine deserves a return outing. Like Viets, Angela suffered a series of strokes and this death investigator is now struggling—in the midst of her recovery—to investigate a homicide that put her lifesaving neurosurgeon Dr. Jeb Travis Tritt in jail. Crisply written, with deft characterizations and action, Viets tells a tale that only she could have written.

Not only was the physical challenge appealing, she discovered yoga was a way of being, not something you do for 90 minutes on a mat. Ally is a Santa Monica-based yoga teacher, writer and life coach, who connects daily with yogis all around the world via her online yoga classes. Ally Hamilton changed her life with the eight limbs of yoga, a spiritual tradition first recorded in the Yoga Sutras 1, years ago. Join Ally as she shows you how to apply the wisdom of this honored tradition to your modern-day life. Physical poses? With hands-on exercises, meditations, journaling prompts, and stories of healing, this book helps you uncover your particular gifts and begin to feel joy.

Kathryn Budig, author of Aim True. She was brought up in England and moved to France where she spent some years working as a trader in an international bank before re-training as a teacher and setting up a language school with her husband. They still live in France and have five daughters. Everyone knows a couple like Jack and Grace. He has looks and wealth, she has charm and elegance. You might not want to like them, but you do.

Some might call this true love. Others might ask why Grace never answers the phone. How she can cook such elaborate meals but remain so slim. And why there are bars on one of the bedroom windows. From author B. Paris comes a thriller and international phenomenon Behind Closed Doors.

A chilling thriller that will keep you reading long into the night. Lesley Pearse, bestselling author of Without a Trace. Nuff said. The Sun. Jim Hardison has worked as a writer, screen writer, animator and film director. He started his professional career by co-writing and producing a low-budget direct-to-video feature film, The Creature from Lake Michigan. Making a bad movie can be a crash course in the essential elements of good character and story, and The Creature From Lake Michigan was a tremendously bad movie.

These days, Jim is the creative director and co-owner of Character LLC, a company that does story-analysis for brands and entertainment properties. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his lovely wife, two amazing kids, one smart dog and one stupid dog. In ancient times, the Dark Lord Mauron cooked the most powerful magic chocolate dessert ever made, the Pudding of Power. One thousand and two years later, the evil leader of the Bad Religion, the Heartless One, is trying to recover the lost pudding in order to enslave the peoples of Grome.

Only the depressed barbarian warrior Thoral Might Fist and his best friend, Brad the talking Koi fish, have a chance to save the world of Grome from destruction, but that's going to take a ridiculous amount of magic and mayhem. Thus begins the epically silly epic fantasy of epic proportions, Fish Wielder--book one of the Fish Wielder Trilogy. I'm not sure I've seen such preposterously determined critic-baiting parody since Xanth or Asprin's Myth-Begotten series. I recommend it to anyone. Fish Wielder is hilarious and unpredictable, like a drunk bear playing whack-a-mole.

Logan J. Hunder, author of Witches Be Crazy. Fast and funny, it races along in a self-aware tone that should appeal to anyone who loves fantasy but has ever found themselves thinking, huh, that was a little melodramatic. Her nonfiction has appeared in Lightspeed, Weird Tales, Tor. Her appetite for bad movies is insatiable, a tragedy she tracks on her blog at genevievevalentine.

She is currently working on a formula to evaluate the awfulness of any given film, a scale that will be measured in Julians to honor Julian Sands, who has bravely uttered some of the worst lines ever filmed,in some of the worst wigs ever made. When Suyana, Face of the United Amazonia Rainforest Confederation, is secretly meeting Ethan of the United States for a date that can solidify a relationship for the struggling UARC, the last thing she expected was an assassination attempt. By the end of this book I was on my feet cheering. You will be, too.

Jemison, author of the Inheritance trilogy. She's a living, breathing woman of spirit and mettle—the kind of woman the world hates, for having too much of a mind of her own.

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Her story in Persona offers the reader a reminder of the enduring power other people have to surprise you, just when it feels like all hope is lost. A former journalist for Newsweek, the Baltimore Sun, and the Washington Post, he has worked on marine conservation with the Baja group Niparaja and since has been a research associate with the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. Peter and Wendy—their mother chose the names—felt as close as twins, despite their difference in age. As teens, they fled their gothic Philadelphia home in the family station wagon and headed for Mexico, only to be discovered sleeping in the car on the banks of the Mississippi, in Huck Finn country.

Now, many years later, estranged by an apparent betrayal as profound as their family's disfunction, the two live separate lives, Peter as an editor in New York, Wendy as an edgy sports photographer with a taste for risk With a new book out and an invitation to Los Cabos, she drives the old Mercedes inherited from their father down Baja California, finally completing the trip begun twenty years earlier. Meanwhile, in New York, Peter watches the Twin Towers fall on a beautiful September day and realizes it's time to find his sister and to finally make peace with her.

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Chaplin offers a cast of whimsical, imperfect, loveable characters that readers will not soon forget. The momentum of this expertly paced noir fairy tale increases as it nears its denouement. Gorgeous, vivid scenery and fascinating people enrich a story that is both eccentric and universal: how to love and how to handle betrayal. This moody novel combines fantasy, noir and the complexities of every form of love. Wonder and dread pull you forward.

With his wickedly observant new novel, he leads us from East Coast to West and then south to Baja, where this strange and mysterious tale pulses with life. Entangling and then disentangling intrigues past and present, it accelerates to a dramatic conclusion on a misty mountainside, closing with scenes that—I promise you—no other writer has ever imagined. Kat Howard is a writer of fantasy, science fiction, and horror who lives and writes in New Hampshire.

Her debut novel, Roses and Rot was released from Saga Press in May of , and will be followed by another novel in summer and a short fiction collection, A Cathedral of Myth and Bone , in , both also from Saga. What would you sacrifice for everything you ever dreamed of? Imogen has grown up reading fairy tales about mothers who die and make way for cruel stepmothers. As adults, Imogen and her sister Marin are accepted to an elite post-grad arts program—Imogen as a writer and Marin as a dancer. I read it so consumingly, it was more akin to swallowing it whole.

Not to be missed. Howard weaves a dark and enticing tale of sisterly bonds, fairy promises, and the price of artistic success in this lushly written debut fantasy set in the present-day U. As a child, Imogen was certain that no fairy tale stepmother could possibly be crueler than her own mother, a controlling tyrant. Fortunately, Imogen and her younger sister, Marin, escaped to pursue their dreams: Imogen as a writer, Marin a dancer. After seven years apart, the women are reunited when both are selected to be fellows at Melete, a prestigious artist colony in rural New Hampshire.

Every seven years, the most promising Fellow is taken to live in Faery—and Imogen and Marin are shortlisted for this dubious honor. This story will resonate with readers long after the last page. The realm of fairy tales meets the harsh world of the Fae in this starkly enticing debut. With undercurrents of darkness in the midst of the beauty of the arts, this is a Brothers Grimm tale for the contemporary reader.

Roses and Rot is both beautiful and dark, lovely, and haunting. Juliette Fay was born in Binghamton, NY, the first of three daughters. The family moved to Massachusetts when she was three. With just one very cranky black and white TV in the house for much of her childhood, Juliette developed a great love of books, one particular favorite being The Boxcar Children. At age 12 Juliette began to write a journal, a practice that would continue for many years.

Though it began, as most pre-teen journals do, with a basic recitation of daily drama, Juliette soon experienced the joy of narrating her life to her own specifications. Those journals have made their way safely to obliteration, but she remembers them fondly as the vehicle that drove her love of writing. Upon graduation she began a year-long stint in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Seattle, Washington where she served as an emergency shelter worker, and was very quickly treated to the bleak realities of homelessness.

Juliette spent two more years in Seattle and co-founded a childcare center for children of homeless families.

Herman Melville, by Raymond M. Weaver—The Project Gutenberg eBook

Returning to the Boston area she continued her career in human services, which included teaching at a school for autistic children, working at a state child abuse prevention agency, and running a parenting education program. Along the way she met and married her husband Tom, also a former Jesuit Volunteer, now an attorney in Boston. They have four children. Juliette took time off from work in state and municipal government after her third child was born, and always assumed a return to that career path lay somewhere in her future.

However in , with the youngest then two, fate intervened when she read a really bad book. She began tapping away at her computer each day while the younger kids napped, between the fights over who pinched who first, and late at night after the older kids had wrestled their homework to the ground. Her first published novel, Shelter Me , was designated as one of the ten best works of fiction in by the Massachusetts Center for the Book, an affiliate of the Library of Congress. In , the Turner sisters and their parents are barely scraping by. Their father is a low-paid boot-stitcher in Johnson City, New York, and the family is always one paycheck away from eviction.

Traveling by train from town to town, teenagers Gert, Winnie, and Kit, and recent widow Nell soon find a new kind of freedom in the company of performers who are as diverse as their acts. There is a seamier side to the business, however, and the young women face dangers and turns of fate they never could have anticipated. Heartwarming and surprising, The Tumbling Turner Sisters is ultimately a story of awakening—to unexpected possibilities, to love and heartbreak, and to the dawn of a new American era.

Through this band of charming young women—and their stage mother, of course—Juliette Fay delivers the history, mystery, and prejudice of vaudeville in a story that is ultimately about the possibility of practice making something perfect or perfect enough, anyway , the benefits of humor and ambition, and the redemptive power of love. Gert and Winnie shine as each, in her own way, fights for her right to be who she is. A great piece of historical fiction that rings true one hundred years later.

Gortner, bestselling author of Mademoiselle Chanel. Like Little Women, these four sisters, facing loss and poverty, reveal a family with an unbreakable core of fortitude and love. A big-hearted tale of adventure. The prose is riveting as the sisters carry their family out of poverty in a time of racially charged political turmoil.

I stayed awake far too late wondering whether the girls would come in for a safe landing. Anne Frasier writes fiction and nonfiction in the genres of suspense, mystery, thriller, romantic suspense, paranormal, and memoir. For three years, Detective Jude Fontaine was kept from the outside world. Held in an underground cell, her only contact was with her sadistic captor, and reading his face was her entire existence. Learning his every line, every movement, and every flicker of thought is what kept her alive.

After her experience with isolation and torture, she is left with a fierce desire for justice—and a heightened ability to interpret the body language of both the living and the dead. But a killer is on the loose, murdering young women, so the detectives have no choice: they must work together to catch the madman before he strikes again. And no one knows madmen like Jude Fontaine. Sharon Potts is the award-winning, critically acclaimed author of three thriller novels.

Before migrating to Miami, she worked as a CPA for a major public accounting firm. Aubrey picks apart the inconsistencies to expose the first of many lies: a ransom note—concealed from the FBI—with a terrifying and impossible ultimatum. The abduction is clearly personal—but why would someone play a high-stakes game with the life of a child?

The more she presses for answers, the more Aubrey is convinced that her mother is hiding something. Desperate to save her young nephew, Aubrey must face harsh truths and choose between loyalty to her family and doing the right thing. Joe Hart was born and raised in northern Minnesota. Having dedicated himself to writing horror and thriller fiction since the age of nine, he is now the author of eleven novels that include The River Is Dark, Lineage, and The Last Girl. When not writing, he enjoys reading, exercising, exploring the great outdoors, and watching movies with his family.

A mysterious worldwide epidemic reduces the birthrate of female infants from 50 percent to less than 1 percent. Medical science and governments around the world scramble in an effort to solve the problem, but twenty-five years later there is no cure, and an entire generation grows up with a population of fewer than a thousand women.

Zoey and some of the surviving young women are housed in a scientific research compound dedicated to determining the cause. Winning her freedom will take brutality she never imagined she possessed, as well as all her strength and cunning—but Zoey is ready for war. Lashner was a criminal prosecutor with the Department of Justice in Washington D.

Scrbacek has just won the biggest trial of his career, but even as he crows to the press, his entire life blows sky-high. Was the bomb meant for him, or for his mobster client? In this seaside casino town where the tables run hot and the tensions run high, the odds say the attorney is a marked man. Somewhere in the sordid stream of his own existence lie the answers he needs. But in order to emerge from the depths of Crapstown, Scrbacek must argue for his life before a jury of the forgotten and the damned.

Is he lawyer enough to save his own skin? From the bestselling author of The Barkeep comes a raucous tale of reckoning, racketeering, and revenge. Jonathan Stone does most of his writing on the commuter train between the Connecticut suburbs and Manhattan, where he is a creative director at a midtown advertising agency. His novel The Teller was published in May And his forthcoming novel Two for the Show will be published in June He has short stories in the two most recent Mystery Writers of America anthologies.

A graduate of Yale, Jon is married, with a son and daughter. Instead of pounding the pavement, he taps a computer keyboard. Why does Wallace keep upping the ante instead of backing down? The tangled truth—of blackmail, kidnapping, and false identities—quickly becomes the biggest case of his strange, secret career. Eason started telling tales in her early childhood. Now she teaches first-year college students about the zombie apocalypse, Aristotelian ethics, and Beowulf not all at once. She lives in Southern California with her husband and two black cats, and she powers everything with coffee.

The Illhari Republic rests on the bones of gods, telling tales of conquest and forgetting its once-bloody devotion to its most powerful goddess. Snowdenaelikk, half-blood conjuror and smuggler, cares less about history than the silver she can win with sharp metal and sharper wits. But when the local legion blames her for burning a village, an outlander with a sense of honor intervenes, and Snow finds herself tangled in politics and an unwelcome partnership.

Snow and her new partner, Veiko, together with the legion scout Dekklis, uncover a conspiracy that will destroy the Republic from within. It seems that the goddess is back from wherever dead gods go. She has not forgotten the Republic, and she wants revenge. Stephen Baxter was born in and has degrees from Cambridge and Southampton.

He is the preeminent science fiction writer of his generation. With Terry Pratchett, he as coauthored the Long Earth novels. Clarke Award seven nominations , and has been awarded the John W. Campbell Memorial Award, the Philip K. Dick Award, and the Theodore Sturgeon Award. Baxter has also been shortlisted for the Locus Award seventy-two times, and won once. He lives in Northumberland with his wife. Alastair Reynolds was born in Barry, South Wales, in He studied at Newcastle and St.

Andrews Universities and has a PhD in astronomy. He stopped working as an astrophysicist for the European Space Agency to become a full-time writer. Reynolds is a bestselling author and has been awarded the British Science Fiction award, along with being shortlisted for the Hugo Award, the Arthur C.

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Mom and Dad don't hesitate to sit down and dig in, but Chihiro senses danger and refuses. The other kind is just plain outdated. Somewhere in this Underworld of Chicago, an The account helped me a acceptable deal. In that night everything is allowed. So when business forces him to fly to China, he decides to take her with him, but on his terms.

Clarke Award, the John W. A sequel to Sir Arthur C. Howard Falcon almost lost his life in an accident as the first human astronaut to explore the atmosphere of Jupiter—and a combination of human ingenuity and technical expertise brought him back. But he is no longer himself. Instead, he has been changed into an augmented human: part man, part machine, and exceptionally capable.

A compelling read full of incredible action right from the beginning, this is a modern classic in the spirit of and The Martian. When her offspring are older, she will probably remember what her hobbies are. In the meantime, she enjoys sending and receiving old-fashioned handwritten paper letters. A cynical, disabled film director with borderline personality disorder gets recruited to join a secret organization that oversees relations between Hollywood and Fairyland in the first book of a new urban fantasy series from debut author Mishell Baker.

A year ago, Millie lost her legs and her filmmaking career in a failed suicide attempt. For her first assignment, Millie is tasked with tracking down a missing movie star who also happens to be a nobleman of the Seelie Court. I loved this book. You will not be sorry you read this. Baker has given her audience urban fantasy at its finest—visceral and real in its sense of space, and dancing on the uncanny edges of our vision Borderline is dark and creeping and smart as a whip. Immensely riveting, with unexpected influxes of depth.

Baker is on par with Elmore Leonard when it comes to mastery in the art of dialogue. Readers will be left excited for more. Since publishing in , she has reached over two million readers and has been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, the L. Theresa grew up in a family of five girls in Lafayette, California. An avid traveler, her wanderings have carried her to Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, China, Thailand, and Nepal, where she narrowly survived being chased by a killer elephant.

Before devoting herself to writing fiction, she worked as a legal secretary for a large corporation. Theresa and her husband Joe have four children and live in Sacramento, California. Faith McMann comes home to a nightmare: her husband is killed and her son and daughter are taken. Although the intruders leave her for dead, she survives.

Crippling grief and fear for her children make life unbearable. Until her anguish turns to anger…and she trades victimhood for vengeance. With her family and newfound allies at her side, Faith descends into the hellish underworld of human trafficking, determined to make those who prey on the innocent pray for mercy. Readers with strong stomachs will eagerly await the next installment. When not writing he enjoys woodwork, cooking long and impractical recipes, and playing fetch with his dogs.

He works as a computer programmer. The Library at Mount Char is his first novel. Carolyn's not so different from the other people around her. She likes guacamole and cigarettes and steak. She knows how to use a phone. Clothes are a bit tricky, but everyone says nice things about her outfit with the Christmas sweater over the gold bicycle shorts.

After all, she was a normal American herself once. That was a long time ago, of course. Before her parents died. Before she and the others were taken in by the man they called Father. In the years since then, Carolyn hasn't had a chance to get out much. Instead, she and her adopted siblings have been raised according to Father's ancient customs. They've studied the books in his Library and learned some of the secrets of his power. And sometimes, they've wondered if their cruel tutor might secretly be God. Now, Father is missing—perhaps even dead—and the Library that holds his secrets stands unguarded.

And with it, control over all of creation. As Carolyn gathers the tools she needs for the battle to come, fierce competitors for this prize align against her, all of them with powers that far exceed her own. In rehab and with her career in tatters, it looks as though she's finally hit rock bottom. But as Amy is about to discover, things can always get worse. When an old friend dies in suspicious circumstances, Amy's decision to investigate pitches her into a nightmare where no one can be trusted and nothing is what it seems.

In mortal danger, and with enemies old and new conspiring against her, has Amy made her last mistake? Although part of the Crazy Amy series, Exposure can easily be read as a gripping stand-alone thriller. Includes a compendium of definitions, notes, and Jorund's map from Book One.

An epic fantasy on another world. Tyler's journey continues. New land, misadventures, friends, foes, skills, and knowledge. Confused encounters of the female kind. More deities become aware of Tyler as he continues his quest to survive, reach his potential, and carry out his burden. The god of wine wants to be his friend.

Ares, the battle-god, is coming to say hello together with his sons, Phobos and Deimos - war, terror, and fear. What could go wrong? On the day that Dorothy Lyle turns forty she is still single and living a boring, routine existence of a nine-to-five life. This has never been part of her great life plan, and is a niggling and constant source of frustration. Everything that money can buy suddenly comes within reach for her. And while Dorothy likes the idea of being rich beyond her wildest dreams, she soon finds that it will bring its own set of problems.

A set of problems compounded by her unique and amazing ability. In the old days when she had been just plain old Dorothy, it had been easy to hide her psychic powers. When her dreams and visions start to become more vivid and frightening than usual, she wonders if any amount of money can protect her from her own gifts. Since the age of nineteen she has been aware that a shadowy presence travels with her. This being provides solace and protection whenever the going gets tough, yet seldom provides a straightforward answer to her questions.

What do the dreams and visions mean, and why does one particular strange and dangerous man keep appearing to her? The universe is talking to Dorothy, but is she ready to listen?

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Book 1 of the Miracles and Millions Saga. A story of hope. The novels in this series are not standalone and have caused many readers sleepless nights as they plough through all ten, determined to break their own reading record. Check out the boxed set of , available June Time hasn't dimmed their bone-deep passion. Ten years ago, Kalli left her rodeo bull-rider husband, Walker Riley, unable to bear her terrible fear for him. Or the fear that she might love him too much. But passion wasn't enough to overcome fear a decade ago. Walker faces down charging bulls every day, but working with Kalli for a summer as they try to save the Wyoming rodeo that means so much to their beloved mutual mentor, just might break him.

Can the present carry them past the fears and broken trust A warning from the author: I still cry, reading some passages in this, though I also laugh at others, and at others, cheer. But this is not a light story, nor are the characters black and white. There are some very dark and abusive parts, though none graphic, in my opinion.

Basically: be guided by the reviews, before buying this book. IN , magic returned to a world which neither needed nor wanted it. Several years later, an unusual young child is acquired by Dr Alex Harmon for his magic research at the Institute for Paranormal Dysfunction. He sets Sara to hunting an imaginary creature, unaware it is both real and far more dangerous than anyone could know.

Sara, too, though, has her own hidden depths. She'll need them. At the Institute she strikes up an unlikely friendship with Godsson, one of the world's most powerful mages - and an inmate. But when Sara's unique magic finally unfolds, Dr Harmon discovers the deadly consequences of creating an archetypal Huntress. While from a place far beneath reality, where Godsson helped slay the Enemy of Mankind, some thing, or things, have come hunting.

And their first targets are Godsson, and Sara. Length: , words approximately pages.

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Note: 1 If you inform me of errors in this book before anyone else, and trust me with your email address, I'll send you a free electronic copy of the sequel as soon as it's ready. Both lists appear at my All About Leeth blog. Criminal justice fails. The street takes over. Heinous crime. Brutal and barbaric perpetrators. Overworked police and forensics investigators. The criminal justice system stretched and unable to cope. A residential neighbourhood where vigilante justice replaces the institutions of law and order. As things fall apart, Detective 'Nights' Mashego investigates.

But he carries his own dark burden Manchester-based Serena, now eighteen and pregnant, discovers the shocking reason why Tile X has befriended her. Mayhem ensues, with a retired Irish police superintendent becoming more involved than perhaps he should have. The Hostile Game is the third book in The Hostile series of gripping paranormal crime thrillers. Each book in this unusual series can be read as a standalone. Available in Kindle, paperback, and audiobook editions. He made his interest clear. She turned him away. But now he's returned to tiny Bardville, Wyoming in the heart of cowboy country, bringing his teenage nephew with him, and testing her resolve.

She's been a stranger to love for so long Now, because she will not abandon a boy who is both trouble and troubled, she's tied to this intense, stubborn man who arouses her in ways she's never known Can she take the risk of finding a stranger to love? Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong returns in Jon Land's Strong Cold Dead, a thriller with heart-stopping action and a high-stakes terrorist plotThe terrorist organization ISIS is after a deadly toxin that could be the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. The same toxin holds the potential to eradicate cancer.

There is a frantic race to see who can get to it first, even as Caitlin Strong begins to assemble the disparate pieces of a deadly puzzle. At the center of that puzzle is an Indian reservation where a vengeful tycoon is mining the toxin, disguising his effort as an oil-drilling operation.

In her highest-stakes adventure yet, Caitlin Strong faces off against a host of adversaries that just might include the beautiful Comanche girl with whom the son of her ex-outlaw boyfriend Cort Wesley Masters has fallen in love, along with a mythic monster culled from Native American folklore that the tribe believes has risen to protect its land. The fate of both the country and the state she loves is dangling on the precipice of a strong cold death. Coming out of a coma, Matthias Callaghan finds himself tied to a hospital bed, wrapped in bandages and suffering from amnesia.

As he gradually recovers his memory, Callaghan discovers that he — in a case of greed and mistaken identity — has been mutilated and subject to a full face transplant while comatose. After being released from the hospital, Callaghan spends months in solitary depression using his intelligence to plot revenge on those who have caused him the loss of his identity and former privileged life. He eventually learns that a full revenge must include the Russian Mafia, a treacherous lawyer named Rathbone, his former business partner Allan, his estranged father and the wife he has recently divorced.

The beginning immediately draws the reader into the complex web of mystery that surrounds the situation that Matthias is in. After shooting and killing his nephew, a gunman runs wild in a London park. What drives Edward to commit such heinous acts? Who will survive yet another of his moments of madness? The action takes place in Jersey, Cornwall, Manchester, London and other places not of this world. Set in , Random Bullets is a crime thriller with a paranormal twist. If I tell you that I was disinherited by my crazy father, you might understand why I feel a degree of sympathy for Edward.

I couldn't put it down," "crime with a twist," "An insightful look behind the many faces we wear, and how burning resentments can take you into madness and murder," "Kinetic Random Bullets is available on Amazon in paperback, Kindle, and audiobook editions. This particular episode includes the usual business-like themes featured in the first two books, but with an added injection of adrenaline-pumping, thrilling adventure He unexpectedly collapses and dies at the airport before he is able to report on his visit.

When the Chinese authorities are evasive about the exact cause of death, the suspicions of his boss, Roy Groves, are raised. Roy decides to investigate further; it soon becomes clear that there are serious financial irregularities within the Chinese company, and that dark forces are in play, intent on ensuring that these do not come to light. When Roy edges closer to uncovering the truth, he is warned off but refuses to back down, unaware that he is about to confront the Chinese Mafia, who will stop at nothing to achieve their objectives.

When his own family are targeted by his opponents, Roy embarks on a desperate battle to protect them, now well aware that if he should turn to the police their lives will be in even greater danger. Chinese Whispers is a frightening tale of organised crime and the way in which it uses and abuses legitimate business for its own illegal purposes, relentlessly destroying the lives of anyone who stands in the way.

Intelligence analysts and agents have gone missing, some may have been killed. The press and the police suspect there is a serial killer on the loose. John Slater was near the latest victim, he is evasive, appears to have no history, and he might be the killer. The mistakes made in creating the dossiers used to support going to war are supposed to stay buried on both sides of the Atlantic, but still a killer strikes and is everybody telling the truth? This is a complex thriller based on the lead up to and aftermath of the second Iraq war.

Holiday for The Hostile, the second book in The Hostile series, is probably even stranger than the first. It can be read as a stand-alone. Who will escape intact from their dramatic holiday from Hell? A gripping paranormal crime thriller with a splash of horror. He's a good and honorable soldier who's determined to protect Ellyn Sinclair at all costs - especially from himself.

Once, he'd rejected a young Ellyn's advances, because he could not give her the life she deserved. But now Ellyn is a widow, back in Far Hills, Wyoming, living on his family's ranch there with her two young children, and having a tough time. And no matter what it costs him, Grif will do his duty - help Ellyn and her children, while ignoring that he has never stopped wanting her. Now the Army's sending him back to the western life he knew as a boy, the world of cowboys and cattle on Far Hills Ranch But how can he even be dreaming of second chances, when they should have no chance at all.

For his teenage son, Wyoming rancher Dax will do anything - even become a role model in the dating department. Enter the perfect stranger: an Easterner, visiting for just two weeks. But soon Hannah, no longer a stranger, becomes the greatest danger of all to a stubbornly solitary heart. After midnight on a moonlit beach six policemen led by a top detective execute four criminals who have perpetrated the most heinous rape, mutilation and murder of a young woman.

The police are unaware that there is a witness to the executions. The action that follows is set against dubious tactical, ethical and sometimes criminal choices faced by the central characters. The third book in The Ryder Quartet takes the reader on an emotional and action-packed journey through the choices made by police in their day-to-day confrontation with rampant and brutal crime in contemporary South Africa.

The Hostile is a contemporary thriller with a heavy sprinkling of paranormal and fantasy. In a rundown area of Manchester inside a decrepit bathroom in a small terraced house overflowing with children and dysfunctional parents, an unfathomable, powerful entity infiltrates young Serena's life with disastrous effects.

After reading The Hostile, you'll never look at D. After three great wars, Rome has crushed Carthage. Now the undefended riches of Iberia beckon--gold, tin, olives, wine, and healthy young bodies to enslave. Burnt Rocks tells the story of Lavena, last child of the strongest remaining Iberian tribal leader at a time when Rome plunders and loots her land.

She must grow up fast and use all her cunning and courage to survive each day. At times helped only by her father's favorite dog, a special horse, or guided by spirits of the earth and sky, she strives to unite her people and oust the Roman menace. Based on real characters, places, and events, "Burnt Rocks" recreates that shadowy history--and eternal human nature rubbed raw. From Kirkus Review In Hispania, B. The villagers' worst fears are confirmed: Hungry for gold, mighty Rome has broken the peace treaty and is preparing to invade and conquer.

A proud, determined people, Lavena's clan decides to train and fight against the overwhelming invaders. Lavena, now 15, has learned the ways of the she-warrior--women who use their strength and intelligence to outwit and kill their male counterparts. Smartly written, the novel moves quickly, building prose with quiet strength unencumbered by the heavy style. Its bare-bones flow seems to fit the time period.

These women are the leaders of the resistance and they rely on no man for guidance. Berger beautifully crafts them as more than one-dimensional warriors bent on revenge. They're strong yet vulnerable, desperate to protect their land and people. With lore notes from Books One and Two. Continuing our lost mage's epic journey through the magical and extremely dangerous world of Adar. Escaping the convoluted schemes of the Greek pantheon, Tyler finds himself with an old acquaintance, the Incan deity Viracocha.

His son, the sun god Inti, is dead. With the Aztecah Empire and its powerful pantheon of deities on the bloody road to more conquests, the deity asks for his help. A request he could easily refuse. Except Viracocha is not alone is asking for his aid. Two other pantheons have made their presence known to the young mage. And the Egyptian deities are watching how he will decide the matter. To add to his burdened conscience, the rise and dominance of the Aztecah pantheon would mean a literal bloodbath - a million or more new human sacrifices. Resulting in extremely overpowered bloodthirsty deities.

Not to mention the deity saved his life back in Akrotiri. What's a newly minted Elder apprentice mage to do? Involve himself in a blood war? Four hot crime thrillers in a single boxset - a series that was ranked 1 in Crime Thrillers, 2 in Assassination Thrillers, and 3 in Police Procedurals in a free promotion on Amazon in December Each volume is also separately available in paperback, on Kindle or as an audiobook.

Although they each stand as independent stories, together they form an overall cohesive narrative. Detective Jeremy Ryder and his colleagues pursue heinous criminals into the depths of the criminal underworld. Readers of the individual volumes have hailed them as action-packed thrillers steeped in authenticity and plausibility, reflecting the real world of police encounters with the dark world of crime.

Wine Picks of the Week

When an unstoppable warlord meets an unyielding rebel, their link becomes a new force of nature. Taryn's dream of forging an alliance with a powerful alien race has become a nightmare. She is linked to a ruthless warlord, an alien killing machine who could destroy humanity on a whim. Taryn will go down fighting before she surrenders to the monster invading her mind.

But in her struggle to regain control, she finds her tormentor has irreversibly changed her, and she has in turn changed him. The link is turning her into a weapon, drawing strength from the world-slayer who had no regard for another's life—until now. As death and destruction erupt around them, they carve their way out of their old lives with a single common purpose: unite their forces and change the future.

THE DEEP LINK is a science-fiction suspense novel for adult readers, that takes you on a fast-paced adventure through a world filled with scheming humans, dangerous aliens, and world-destroying technology. The secondary plot shows the detectives uncovering a link between stolen weapons and the local trade in drugs. The two main plots unfold in strictly-organised chronological sequence over ten days until a climactic ending when the two narrative-lines coalesce in a spectacular confrontation between the detectives and the two main villains. Against a background of delicate emotional exchanges between victims of crime and the police, 'Gun Dealing', like its predecessor, explores the moral and ethical choices made by the detectives in their day-to-day confrontation with rampant and brutal crime in contemporary South Africa.

If you enjoy spiritually uplifting novels like Watership Down you will love this captivating tale of a young raven commanded by God to leave the safety of home and reclaim Raven's ancient role as friend and ally of humankind. Praised as a "superbly written inspirational novel" by the Midwest Book Review, The Raven Who Spoke with God has been published in 11 foreign language editions. Written for all ages, it's a light-hearted, fun read with important life skills to share--a story of courage and spiritual awakening that is also a charming love story.

Read how Joshua overcomes the fear of failure as he listens to words of encouragement from a friendly wolf. Soar the skies with him as he explores the meaning of life and fulfills his destiny in what has been hailed as "one of the sweetest and most profound fables you will ever read. Days later, he goes on the run from the secret police. Titus Ray has been in Iran for the past two years trying to recruit assets willing to feed him intel on the Iranian opposition.

When he unexpectedly meets Amir Madani, one of Iran's premier nuclear scientist, he can't resist the opportunity to pursue him as a CIA asset. Although Chaman, a beautiful Iranian socialite, warns Titus to stay away from Madani, he ignores her advice and befriends the nuclear scientist. The consequences prove disastrous for Titus, and, as the secret police close in on him, he's forced to find shelter with a group of Iranian Christians, who risk their own lives to save his.

Will the New Messiah or the Anti-Christ be born? In the year of Satan, , the structure of the physical world is cracking, and inexplicable paranormal forces are interfering with humanity. The Trinity Investigation Organization, or TIO—a paranormal detective society—is the last protection against the demons, evil spirits, fanatical criminals, and sadists who are trying to destroy the world. The year-old Pope is pregnant. Is this a case of self-cloning, or is it a mutation? Claire, Travis, and Prescott, the members of the Capuchin Trinity Team of TIO, are tasked with uncovering the truth about this unusual case and resolving the mystery of whether the Pope is carrying the new Messiah or the Antichrist, and who did it.

Their job is to go beyond the physical world into the mind and the spiritual realm, discover a thousand-year-old connection, perform an exorcism, and fight the devil Zepar, while evading the villains who keep trying to assassinate them. Editorial Reviews "I found this book quite interesting and tightly written with exciting plot twists and turns.

How did the fetus get there? WHY did this happen to him? What does this mean? This book may contain NUTS! It is spoken by characters in the book from the North, the Midlands and the South of England. There is a glossary at the end of the book to help if you can rise to the challenge. It adds shades of colour to this 19th century story that you may not be expecting. It would fit in well with prejudices and beliefs of the middle and upper classes that paternalism had indeed been intended by God, thus laws protecting the workers in their fields, mills and factories were not necessary.

By the start of the Victorian period the fates and their ambitions would have collided. Serious events and incidents, both personal and national, were about to impinge upon the lives of Thomas Priestley and Joseph Sefton, who had earlier run away from their apprentice master, Samuel Greg. What would cause a qualified mule spinner to give up his comparatively safe job and risk failure, ridicule or destitution? Ambitious and determined working class individuals like Tommy and Joe had to carefully step through a pathway involving love, loyalty and legal persecution and prejudice, from within the social hierarchy of the times.

There to discover the existence of the real apprentices and the lives of many child cotton apprentices during the Industrial Revolution. How far would you go to make things right? Ama, Mark, and Justin are about to find out. In recent months, their dreams have been haunted by someone who understands their pain: a Fury who survived the witch hunts of Old Salem. Three days before Halloween, she enters their dreams and summons them to be Revengers, just as she has done for a new trio of teens every year for centuries.

If they abide by her seemingly simple set of rules, she promises supernatural protection while they avenge their losses. One catch: exacting revenge means becoming killers themselves. When they agree—setting in motion three bloody acts of vengeance—things begin to spiral out of control and they come to understand they are pawns in ancient game. As the Fury toys with them, they race against the clock, hoping to live more than just a few more days…. Terrorism rising in Europe and the Middle East Is this old world finally about to die?

In Voices, this question festers just below the conscious level all over the world, especially in light of an event thirteen months earlier when millions of people simply vanished from the earth. But deep inside they realize that explanation is nothing but a convenient fantasy and that in reality an event of Biblical proportions has occurred. Daniel Goldman is among those who try to ignore the Disappearance. Consistent with his life-long commitment to rigid self-determination, he has pushed the matter out of mind and become even more fanatically focused on his work as an international investor.

But on a Monday morning in late September events outside his control begin to chip away at his comfortable ignorance. As he travels the globe negotiating the largest oil deal on the planet—and as an ancient empire gradually re-awakens—he meets and falls in love with a beautiful Israeli woman. The Biblical Apocalypse is upon them and, one way or another, Daniel is destined to play an important role in prophesied events. This novel, the first of a series about the end of this age, shows the world is not coming to an end—only this current evil age is.

It also treats the Bible as the inerrant Word of God and presents a plausible picture of the end times according to a literal reading of its prophetic revelation. The Present: Fifth-generation Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong is summoned when thirty high school kids from a Houston prep school vanish during a field trip, including the son of her lover, Cort Wesley Masters.

As if that wasn't enough, Caitlin also has to deal with a crazed rancher whose entire herd of cattle has been picked clean to the bone. The link between these two inexplicable events dates back to the contents of that Afghan cave raided by the SEALs, and a plot by forces within Russia to win a war they never stopped fighting. At the center of that plot are billionaire Calum Dane and his multinational conglomerate, currently embroiled in controversy over a genetically engineered pesticide that has the potential to eradicate hunger across the world.

Dane doesn't know that this pesticide has spawned a new and deadly enemy capable of destroying the very fabric of American life. Caitlin's race to save the country weaves through the present and the past, confronting her with the most powerful and dangerous foes she's ever faced. The Cold War hasn't just heated up; it's boiling over under the spill of a strong light only Caitlin can shut off before it's too late. This highly acclaimed series has over five-star reviews! Book I, One Night in Tehran When he starts searching for answers, an assassin begins his own search—for him.

Compelled by their unwavering faith, the battle-hardened agent becomes a believer shortly before they smuggle him out of Iran to freedom in Turkey. Before leaving Langley, however, he discovers a Hezbollah hit man has targeted him for assassination. Now, while trying to figure out what it means to be a follower of Christ, he must decide if the Iranian couple he meets in Oklahoma has ties to the man who's trying to kill him, and if Nikki Saxon, a beautiful local detective, can be trusted with his secrets.

A girl. A monk. An unthinkable sacrifice. When the choice is between love and life, how can anyone decide? An incredibly entertaining and compelling story… I could not put this one down. But their choices will have consequences for the rest of the world. After the troubles of his youth, Brother Prospero has found comfort and fulfilment in the monastery. Then he discovers something that forces him to reconsider his whole vocation. How can it possibly be right to leave a life of worship and service for human desire?

And if he does leave, will the pressures from his past destroy him? Orphaned and mistreated, Leonie has found sanctuary and safety at the Abbey. When she comes into contact with Prospero everything spirals out of her control. Abbot Gabriel is faced with an impossible choice. He can do nothing and watch the world descend into war. Or he can manipulate events and ensure peace — at the cost of two lives that he is responsible for. Is he strong enough to sacrifice those he loves? Set at the end of the nineteenth century, a gripping story of Stella, a beautiful young woman in her twenties.

Already the Lady of the grand Sunny Meadow House on the outskirts of Oxford, due to her marriage to the wealthy and much senior James Headly, when James suddenly becomes bankrupt Stella is faced with some devastating changes in her life. During a journey to London in search of work, James is set upon, robbed and left for dead. Hiding in his world of privilege, he didn't reckon on the strongest ties of all: the love of a new mother and the legal skills of her husband Brogan McLane in Parliament House.

The story begins in an African forest with a desperate father trying to save his children from being butchered. When faced with no other choice, he sells the children to a diamond smuggler. Through dark days of prostitution and slavery in Edinburgh one of those children comes under the protective wings of Mr and Mrs McLane. The battle between justice and injustice rages for months until, finally faced with deportation of the child they've come to love, McLane has an idea of how to play a legal Ace card.

Tina is young, her four children all in foster care. Charged with attempting to murder the youngest,her baby,she swears her innocence, and that of her boyfriend, Smiddy. Trouble is,he's a heroin dealer and she was one of his regular customers. Can Brogan McLane find his way through the chaos of his clients' lives, and political cover ups to discover the truth of what really happened to Baby Luke??

A warning from the author: As with the 1st book, there are a few very dark passages here: parts where I cried as I wrote them, and still cry when I read them - though for some, they're tears of joy. I should add, though, I find myself chuckling quite often, too: I believe there are more light moments than dark. And now, she and her abusive guardian have been taken by a covert government agency where Leeth is training to become their assassin.

But Leeth is both more dangerous than they know, and too innocent for her own good. Sent "back" to school to learn some much-needed social skills — under strict instructions not to kill — Leeth is singularly ill-equipped to deal with the challenges of a normal life. She wants to belong, but has little idea how to fit in — let alone how mean girls can be. Nor does she know that an uncanny and ruthless killer, the product of a madman's insane magic, hunts her. Leeth has some harsh lessons to learn.

She'd better learn fast. Length: 90, words approximately pages. Both lists appear at my blog All About Leeth. Eleanor Thatcher refuses to be charmed by the Irish balladeer she hires to strum up business for her Gloucester, Mass. She's far too practical for a workplace romance Yes, she feels his spell, but bitter reality has taught Eleanor that dreamers drift on, leaving heartache.

Cahill finds the woman he wants to share his future with in strong-minded, too-serious-for-her-own-good Eleanor. But he must convince her of his staying power. And his time to make her his bride is running out. An interplanetary crime syndicate. A debt, long overdue. An assassin gone rogue. Although he knows it will mean the end of his relationship with both the Crime Syndicate and his long-time lover, Captain Victoria Maruska, Damian can't let sleeping dogs lie. After overcoming his captain's well-intended efforts to hold him back, Damian sets off to exact his revenge on the man who had once left him to die on the barren wastelands of Earth.

Victoria may not know where to look, but she knows she has to find him. Following Damian's disappearance and the not-so-mysterious murder of one of his superiors, the Syndicate has called Captain Maruska's loyalty into question. As a result, she has been assigned the unenviable job of leading a task force to hunt him down. On the outs with his lover and on the run from trained killers, Damian DuFonte is. Four young Americans are magically transported to a world where monsters roam the land, magnificent trees support all life, and an evil spirit hunts one of them to fulfill a deadly prophecy.

An experiment in a weird book causes four youngsters, Nathan, Perry, Melissa, and Michelle to appear in an incredibly strange and desolate world. Trees as large as mountains, scattered across the desolate land like oases, support all life, safe from the monsters that patrol the night fog on the ground. Races of people living in medieval societies populate the giant trees. Known as the Lorns in this particular tree, they welcome the four kids into their world—until Hellferata, the evil spirit descendent of Medusa, intrudes upon their beloved tree.

As the kids search for a way home, Hellferata searches for the prophesied mortal superhero she must battle to the death. Suspecting Michelle for this golden-haired superhero, Hellferata sends her son, Dracu Mort, into the Lorn Tree to kill her. Fearful of the evil spirit the Lorns move to expel the four Americans from their tree. Thinking quickly, the kids devise a plan to avoid the monsters roaming the land and travel to the next tree, where it is rumored there may be a path back home. Will their ingenuity, cunning, and courage help them make it to the Cascade Tree and find a way home, or will Hellferata and Dracu Mort mete out their wrath before they can escape?

Imparting the inspiring message that fear is but a passing foil and love is the true answer, Arboregal- The Lorn Tree is a spiritual quest of hope and friendship that exposes the inherent power we all share. But now Roy has retired and he is looking forward to a quieter life. He soon learns, however, that there are financial problems: the community is, in effect, bankrupt. Roy is persuaded to take on the role of president of the community, confident that, with his extensive business experience, he should easily be able to sort things out.

It soon becomes clear, however, that nothing is as simple as it seems. As he tries to come up with a rescue plan, Roy discovers that a poorly-constructed retaining wall has begun to collapse, threatening the development with a landslide. And this is just the start … As the problems mount up, one after the other, Roy becomes entangled with an astonishingly diverse cast of characters: the devious building developer; the vengeful former President; the Russian prostitute, and her mafia minders; the deranged Middle-Eastern doctor; the devastatingly glamorous French girl who moves in next door; and many more Horizontal Living is an illuminating insight into the shenanigans which pervade an ex-pat community abroad: sometimes hilarious, sometimes hard to believe, but sometimes darkly disturbing.

Her certainty that it was no accident starts TV reporter Elizabeth Danniher, with friends Mike, Tom and Diana plus the rest of the Caught Dead in Wyoming crew, on an investigation that moves faster — and closer to them — than any of them could ever expect. During the robbery a killer handcuffs two men together to a barred gate and executes them with a. He invasion robbers move with military precision and vanish with the money and gold. Not only is the vanished gold a mystery, but also the motive for murder.

If you like mysteries, action, interesting characters, frequent changes of scenes, an adventure story with romance, but no gutter language, you will like this novel. The year is eighteen sixty and at seventeen, May Huntley has lived all of her life in the quiet hamlet of Ashley Green, Cheshire, with her loving ma. One November night, a terrible tragedy occurs which is set to change her life forever.

Taken in by the kind and elderly Mrs Weaver, who feels she must disclose some shocking family secrets, and warn her of the impending danger, May is left distraught. While Jack Turrell and his father Bart go in search of May, her family secrets continue to unravel, bringing more shocks and surprises, and a blossoming romance between her and Jack. After accidentally being seen by a human, Stekkjastaur finds he must rely on a young shepherd boy to keep his secret.

He gives a gift just to protect his troll reputation, but the little boy's happiness made him happy as well. He learns that one of the greatest gifts you can receive is the joy in giving to someone else. Even from a source as unlikely as a troll, a selfish act wrapped up in the Christmas spirit can grow into something wonderful. Iceland's rich history of legends and folktales featuring a host of mystical creatures is reflected in this unique Christmas tale about trolls. Thismodernized version of the Icelandic Yule Lads brings new life to a very oldstory.

The Legend of the Yule Lads is well-known among Icelanders and has beenpassed down from generation to generation for over 1, years. That's how it had been for ten years. And then came divorcee Jenny Peters. Bringing her two whining, spoiled kids and her city-bred fairy-tale views of life — and love — in the West. None of them belonged on a working ranch. Or in his life. Jenny wasn't going to let Tucker scare her away from the new life she wanted to build for herself and her kids. No matter that he could be as hard as the mountains around them. No matter that she found totally unexpected comfort from his rough strength.

But what next? Because Tucker Gates was a lot of things, but he was absolutely clear that he was not a family man. Nicholas La Cour loves money. In the game of betrayer and betrayed he thinks his sister Lacey is the prefect target for his manipulative schemes to keep his financial ruin a secret. Gorgeous Lacey La Cour lost her hopeful and playful spirit after being dumped by her childhood sweetheart. Now an adult, she is strong and independent. Determined to find the answer to his money problems, Nicholas discovers his best friend Kienan Egan is strangely attracted to his sister Lacey.