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Gap years to help protect the planet.
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It offers varied and flexible courses relevant to contemporary humanitarian practice that can fit the most demanding schedules.

The Leap makes system change irresistible.

The Leap exists to inject new urgency and bold ideas into confronting the intersecting crises of our time: climate change, racism and inequality. Gap Year programs in Africa, Asia, Australia & South America. Combine planet protecting volunteering projects & team travel. Free consultations.

LEAP seamlessly integrates world-class higher education into the career paths of humanitarians, with the intention of strengthening leadership within the sector. The programme draws from a wide range of disciplines including: public and global health; political science; international relations; history; epidemiology; disaster risk management and peacebuilding, as well as practical experience and insights from humanitarian organizations including MSF.

The LEAP Foundation

LEAP crosses traditional subject boundaries to enable students to reflect critically on issues arising from their own humanitarian work, the wider humanitarian agenda and the skill set needed for contemporary humanitarianism. LEAP offers compelling, engaging and flexible courses that are delivered either online, face to face or blended.

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As a LEAP student you will benefit from the expertise of two world-leading academic institutions, tailoring your studies to suit your interests alongside your work in the humanitarian sector. This partnership brings together interdisciplinary academic expertise and operational humanitarian experience.

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You can choose to study part time or full time, depending on your needs and circumstances. The full MSc in Humanitarian Practice can be completed in a maximum period of five years, which should allow you to study whilst continuing to work in the humanitarian sector.

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You will study four core modules 60 credits , a selection of optional modules 60 credits and submit a dissertation 60 credits. Expected duration is 36 months, but an MSc can also be completed in a minimum of 12 and maximum of 60 months. You will undertake three core modules 45 credits and a selection of optional modules 75 credits.

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You will usually study for 24 months, but will also be able to complete a PGDip in a period of between 12 and 36 months. You will study at least two core modules 30 credits and a selection of optional modules 30 credits ,.

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