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Principles of Orchestration
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Also Bernard Herrmann Day the earth stood still Holst is a blueprint for so much. Stravinsky: Firebird. Magical Carillon.

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Stravinsky's use of Octatonic collections and their modes both the one starting on a half step and whole step is a casebook study of so much action music. Dukas's opera Ariane et Barbe Blue was a huge inspiration for Korngold who said "he had been living off it for many years" Any western..

John William's heartfelt stuff William Walton 2nd Symphony Uses of Pitch Set's and Octatonic Collections Classic Magical John William's Howard Hanson 2nd Symphony Third movement is a good example of the fast String runs found in ET. Dune Sea from Star Wars This is NOT however a game of gotcha I am pointing at similarities in Orchestration and the Harmonic language of where this music comes from. These composers all drink from the same well Last edited: Nov 13, Brian Morrell's books are great Great advices.

Great that you gave examples stated connections between composers and films.

That's basically why I was looking for a more comprehensive solution for local library, for kind of a starting point. That "Masterclass" title really threw me off.

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Now that I'v been listening for Mikes few free videos I actually noticed those videos could very well be support material for studying, as Mike has a great way of explaining things which might be hard to comprehend I think I'll order one set later and try it out. Farkle Senior Member. Reaktor said:. Ah, yes, that book is great. Author: Cacavas, John. Title: Music arranging and orchestration Published: Melville, N.

Description: vi, p.

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Principles of Orchestration (Dover Books on Music) Paperback – June 1, "To orchestrate is to create, and this cannot be taught," wrote Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov, the great Russian composer whose genius for brilliant, highly colored orchestration is unsurpassed. Orchestration (Dover Books on Music) [Cecil Forsyth] on pypahulobi.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For its time the most comprehensive treatment of.

Author: Carse, Adam von Ahn, Title: The history of orchestration. Author: Collinson, Francis M.

Principles of Orchestration

Author: Corder, Frederick, Title: The orchestra and how to write for it. A practical guide to every branch and detail of modern orchestration: including full particulars of all instruments now in use and rules for their combination. With numerous exercises and over two hundred useful examples from modern works.

The whole forming an indispensable manual for conductors and composers. Published: London, R. Author: Clappe, Arthur A. Fischer, Description: 2 p.

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In it, the composer aims to provide the reader with the fundamental principles of modern orchestration from the standpoint of brilliance and imagination, and he devotes considerable space to the study of tonal resonance and orchestral combination. In his course, he demonstrates such things as how to produce a good-sounding chord of certain tone-quality, uniformly distributed; how to detach a melody from its harmonic setting; correct progression of parts; and other similar problems.

The first chapter is a general review of orchestral groups, with an instrument-by-instrument breakdown and material on such technical questions as fingering, range, emission of sound, etc. There follows two chapters on melody and harmony in strings, winds, brasses, and combined groups. Chapter IV, Composition of the Orchestra, covers different ways of orchestrating the same music; effects that can be achieved with full tutti; tutti in winds, tutti pizzicato, soli in the strings, etc.

The last two chapters deal with opera and include discussion of solo and choral accompaniment, instruments on stage or in the wings, technical terms, soloists range, register, vocalization, vowels, etc. These excerpts are all referred to in the text itself, where they illustrate, far better than words, particular points of theory and actual musical practice.

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They are largely responsible for making this book the very special and very useful publication it is. This single-volume edition also includes a brief preface by the editor and extracts from Rimsky-Korsakov's draft and final versions of his own preface, as well as an appendixed chart of single tutti chords in the composer's works. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Show More Show Less. Add to Cart. Any Condition Any Condition.

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