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Theatre Lab Productions. The fielding team stands on either side of the arena on the court sidelines , forming a channel in the middle for the running team to run through while the running team stands on one of the ends. The other end is left blank — the runners are supposed to run there and back. There is a central dividing line. The fielding team is armed with the balls and has to get the runner out but they must be behind the throwing line to eliminate players.

A member of the running team has to carry an object usually a ball the size of a tennis ball to one end of the arena and back before giving it to another member of the team to run with it. In some versions, you have to run to one side, get a ball, run back to the other side and drop the ball in a bucket and another teammate gets sent over to get one. Either one or two people get sent at a time to run. If one of the players gets hit, they have to sit down and if they are carrying a ball, they have to hold it up in the air and wait for another teammate to retrieve it.

If a runner gets eliminated on the half nearest to their team, the next runner can simply carry the ball back to their end without needing to go the rest of the journey. The eliminated player can defend the runner by blocking of thrown balls but they must remain seated or kneeling on the ground. Throwing team members cannot interfere with the runners in any way. Once a whole team gets eliminated, the teams swap roles. The winning team is the team that makes the most runs. Every man for himself also known as elimination or scatterball is a simple variation in which a circular enclosure or at least one with some type of boundaries is used.

One or two balls are usually used in this free-for-all variation. This variation can consist of anywhere from four to tens of players. At the beginning of the game, one or two players, depending on the number of balls in use, respectively, are to kick or throw the ball into the air. Players will then pick up the balls; however, they are only permitted to walk one to five steps from the spot they picked up the ball. Players without the ball are permitted to run as they please. If a player is hit excluding in the head , they will immediately be sent out of the game until the game's end.

The game does not end until there is one person left standing. A simpler version is called mash German name: Zombieball. The gameplay remains entirely the same with the only exception being that a player is allowed to return to the game from his or her state of penalty if the person who removed him or her from play is removed his or herself.

The game ends when one last person is standing. The number of steps a player may take with the ball varies by instructor. A game is usually played with more than ten players and may last anywhere between ten minutes and an hour, depending on the skill levels of the players. No Friends is a variation where every man is for himself and there is only one ball.

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The holder of the ball can only take 2 steps before throwing it or bouncing it off the wall for another 2 steps. Commonly alliances are made between players where they act as a team and pass the ball to each other by bouncing it on the floor.

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All For One is a version is best played in a wide open field, generally a soccer field or even an empty gymnasium. You can have as many players or as many balls as you want. The more there are, the more fun it can be. Players run around in the open space trying to get other players out. If player X is hit by player Y then player X sits down where they got out. The only way that player X can return to the game is if some other player knocks out player Y. Once player Y is knocked out every person they got out stands back up and continues playing.

This version gets interesting because teams or alliances can form although this is not a requirement. To win, though unlikely, you have to get everyone out and you will be the only player standing.

List of dodgeball variations

Knocked out plays can not hold onto the dodgeballs and must throw them when they get out. One ball usually pink is the Queen Ball.

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If a person catches it, his or her entire team can come back on. The game starts as every person for themselves. They operate as one team. It rejoins as a free agent, with the ability to become a Trainer or join another Trainer's team. The Trainer who was struck is dead. Out of the game. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

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The Complete Book About Dodgeball. Archived from the original PDF on Wick portrays Bo with sharp wit, an arrogant big city guy with layers unlike his kinfolk. James performs Cassidy as curious but bored of the world in a pre-teen way. She is probably the most dimensional character of the play.

The content is provocative and the diatribe entertaining, but something is amiss. It feels like the play never ends; drags where it could end with a punch maybe even literally. The last scene finally translates some bizarre and spooky design elements that, had they been present earlier, would have cultivated the performance as a whole. Perhaps this ineffable discomfort is intentional though, as this play is an exploration in agitation.

Whether alluding to lynchings, showcasing white-hooded children, or a WWE-style family feud, it essentially boils down to this: birth families can be crummy. Speedway Blvd. Tickets can be purchased by calling or visiting lifetheatreworkshop. Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire is a wonderfully scripted story that explores five individuals processing the loss of a child. Before I get into any more details, I want to strongly encourage you to go see Rabbit Hole.

The night I attended did not have the audience these performers or this story deserve. The cast of Rabbit Hole. Now, the story. Becca Corbet Meagan Jones , is a stay-at-home mom to Danny, who is killed in a tragic accident at four years old. I could feel the depth of her pain, and how, at times, she resisted dealing with it. Becca and Howie struggle to find common ground following the loss of their son. They seem to choose different, and often conflicting, methods of grieving as they strive to learn how to live with the pain.

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Jones, Rau, and Flynn never abandon this subtext. Whether it is present in the spatial relationships between the couple or in the inability to reconnect to one another emotionally, this struggle is present throughout. Flynn is delightfully natural in her portrayal of Nat, fully embodying the wisdom of someone who has experienced deep levels of grief more than once in her life.

Finally, there is Jason Willette Stephen Dunham , a teenager who writes a story for the grieving family as a sort of apology for having a role in the loss of their child. The technical elements of the show were hit and miss for me, although they did their part to support the world that was created by the director and actors. Sound design was disappointing. In addition to several cues misfiring, I yearned for transitional music, of which it completely lacked.

Perhaps it was intentionally excluded from this production, but I believe this is a show that opens its audience up to their own levels of vulnerability in such a way that they need some musical interludes to help ride the arcs of the characters and process their own experience. My only critique is that it is very busy. There are a lot of patterns and conflicting decorative styles that distracted me from the action at times. The costumes were simple and modern, and there seemed to be intentional color palettes that were used specifically between Becca and Nat.

There is not a costume designer listed in their program leaving me to assume that it was a choice of the actors or a happy accident borne from the actors time and work together.

Luh Kel - Wrong (Official Music Video)

Either way, it amplified the bond between the mother and daughter that now shared the experiencing of losing of a son. The characters in Rabbit Hole are all dealing with loss in their own way. The conflict among them is driven by their lack of acceptance and understanding that every single one of them is grieving differently. This show is a gentle acknowledgement that it is difficult to make space for others grief, especially if it manifests differently from our own.

It also perhaps nudges us to be more accepting of those differences, even while experiencing our own grief. I think it is safe to say our society could use more than a gentle reminder of this as we struggle to understand and overcome our growing divisions on a daily basis. You can buy tickets online CommunityPlayersTucson. I sat down, eager to see what the play had in store. Photo by Tim Fuller, courtesy of the Rogue Theatre.

We are in the Massachusetts Bay Colony during The town whispers of witches. The slightest accusations spark into a rampant fire which inevitably leaves the town scrambling and gasping for common sense and sound evidence. This show is meant to portray how quickly things can get out of hand; it is easy to be carried away by feelings. Hope hangs in the air, out of reach of the innocent. Those in power are too concerned with the preservation of self and will do anything to maintain the integrity of their current social and political standing.

This is not a tech heavy show. The emphasis is on the dynamic relationships and high stake issues between the characters.

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Format: Kindle Edition; File Size: 85 KB; Print Length: 18 pages; Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited; Publisher: Original Works Publishing (Aug. 13 ). (a ten minute play) (eTens) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also Murray's Mailbag: Who is the Nevada Wolf Pack's best NBA player ever?. 2.

As an ensemble, they all had great energy. All of them were committed. The technical elements did not detract from that. The lighting was subtle and simple. The music added depth and emotional respite which I appreciated because there were times when I was overwhelmed by the constant yelling and high energy. The underlying music offered a pleasant escape. Matt Bowdren John Proctor is always a treat to watch on stage.

I enjoyed watching the interaction between him and Holly Griffith Elizabeth Proctor. They beautifully captured the delicate condition of their relationship. A woman who is hurt and uncertain of how to move past the pain and learn how to trust a man who is repentant but impatient for forgiveness. They were physically and emotionally distant, but you could feel that there was a yearning for things to be better by the way they looked at and spoke to one another.

Bryn Booth, who portrayed Abigail Williams, was a delight to watch as she masterfully manipulated the other characters around her. Her ability to portray the internal flip-flopping struggle so vividly for us to see was amazing.

Congress Grills the Spy Chief, a Quantum 'Victory,' and More

I hated her character in a good way , but I understood myself. There was a moment of well orchestrated possession that gave me goosebumps. I even snuck several cautious peeks around the theater to make sure there was nothing around me or on the ceiling. You can never be too careful. I left wishing I had known more about what happened to Tituba, by hearing her side of the story.

Brought to life by Carley Elizabeth Preston, her monologue was creepy good, but the content fell flat. What was her truth? Did Abigail coerce her? One does not watch The Crucible to simply pass the time or for a gay evening at the theater. From the moment the play starts, the stakes are high and the actors are committed. The hysteria and chaos in the scenes are palpable. We were all aboard the Salem Witch Train racing down a slippery slope without any brakes.

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Material Girl by Dennis Schebetta. Further information: Chinese shamanism , Wu shaman , and Sino-Babylonianism. Authors are encouraged to submit boldly! Three days. Unable to return without a self-addressed stamped envelope. Battle Pass owners who ascend to level will unlock the 'Planetfall' Arcana item for Earthshaker, arriving soon and featuring a completely new celestial-themed hero model, all new animations and Echo Slam effects, more than new voice lines, an unlockable style, and more. The game ends when all of a team's players are eliminated, or more often when all of a team's pins are knocked over.

Contact the box office at or buy tickets online at TheRogueTheatre. There will be discussions with the cast and directors after each performance. Make sure to stay for that as well. I stayed for the discussion and enjoyed the stories some of the elders shared with everyone. While their Father is fighting in the war the girls find love, discover their callings, and evolve together as a family. The musical is lead by Jo Recuparo the headstrong sister whose passion for writing drives the narrative. Themes of female empowerment and female camaraderie resonate throughout the play. Each Sister is uniquely different from one another and this allows the audience to find a little bit of themselves in each sister.

This heart felt production will astonish you!