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But when they face a common enemy, can the two work together? Fun fact: according to her Amazon bio, J. McAvoy started writing this story during a Morality and Ethics class in college.

A new book tells the true stories of the most notorious matriarchs in organised crime

In it, college student Emily is spending a quiet summer in New York working at her school's library. But when she witnesses a mob murder at a local cemetery and passes out, she is whisked to backwoods Vermont. There she falls for Cameron, the man holding her, and her life is transformed. Despite the edgy premise, this one is surprisingly sweeter than many in the subgenre. Swept away by lush historical narratives of passion and power? When a bomb strikes the hospital where Angela works, Steven is convinced his wife is gone. Devastated, he returns to the streets of New York—and enters into a life of crime as the heir apparent to his powerful Mafia family.

He soon marries Clara Fabrizzi, the daughter of a formidable don. Clara, beautiful and possessive, wants Steven for himself; Steven yearns for the true love he thought he lost all those years ago. Then, one day, Angela reappears in his life. High school senior Brittany is a good girl everyone thinks is perfect. Initially spurred on by a bet to get her into bed, Alex soon develops real feelings for Brittany himself, which leads to serious conflict. Meredith County is rocked by the discovery of three slain police officers, handcuffed and executed gangland style in an overgrown lot.

Robin Stuart, a driven journalist from Atlanta, sets out to cover the crime and search for the truth behind the slayings. Soon, Robin and Ben are working side-by-side well into the night to crack the case. College student Karissa keeps running into an older man around campus. Soon Karissa and Ignazio are hanging out on that thin line between love and hate, fear and passion. Their white-hot attraction is liable to burn them both. They became each others peace, and as they slowly started falling for one another they went bring you along a roller-coaster of pain, heartache and tears.

Safety Note and Spoilers: view spoiler [ This book is not for those who don't like reading about the Hero with another woman. I got annoyed and frustrated, but I didn't mind so much in this instance. This book was fairly dark. It isn't all hearts and flowers This book was everything! It isn't all hearts and flowers. These men are Mafia men, they kill, they curse and are not sorry about it. So I was somewhat prepared for any scene with ow. Ayla, the heroine was abused and raped severely. Her father, the leader of the Italian mafia and rival to the Russian mafia, gave her away to one of his men that hurt her badly for years.

She manages to escape, but even after finding refuge in Alessio's home she continues to have detailed nightmares about what happened to her. The hero, Alessio, is the boss of the Bratva. He isn't a lovey dovey man whatsoever until towards the end as he realizes his feelings for Ayla. It was so endearing how he shed tears for her, and was so patient and gentle knowing she is fragile and can break at any moment.

He took care if her and became her strength. As for the ow part, Ayla catches Alessio getting a blowjob by one of his frequented hook ups. This woman, Nina works at a whorehouse and tries to get Ayla to be jealous of her. After Ayla catches him with Nina she feels nothing. So don't worry! She isn't aroused by the sight, Thank Goodness. At this part I was pretty hurt by his actions, but the heroine still wasn't hurt or angry due to what she experienced in the past and has no clue what love or jealousy is.

Nothing happens between him and Nina though at this point he only wants Ayla , he kicks her out and tells her not to come back. Ayla thinks they had sex and he doesn't know she saw Nina go in his office.

It was so cute how confused and flustered this man was as she avoids and ignores him. Despite the little drama it was a really good read. Alessio became sweet and caring after her suicide attempt, but still was annoyingly overbearing times. They also don't have sex in this book.

At least not really, he puts it in and then she freezes and has a bad panic attack. After that the book ends on a cliffhanger of one of Alessio's men meeting with with the man who tortured Ayla. So I can't wait see what happens next. View all 10 comments. Jan 17, TP rated it did not like it Shelves: formula-fiction , underperforming , mafia-romance , dark-romance , series. This book is idiotic. The title alone says it all "The mafia and his angel" by Lylah James. Still i gave it a go, even if it turned out to be a short one.

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The "big" standoff in his bedroom at the beginning, was the first stepping stone for this book. A supposedly life threatening situation, shaking and trembling with fear, a gun pointed at her head. And all she apparently can think about are his piercing eyes and her body warming under his penetrating gaze. Then back to fear and utter terror and This book is idiotic. Then back to fear and utter terror and switching back to his intimate way of saying her name She has bruises all over her face and body, after being beaten and raped, but she pinches her cheeks and bites down on her lip to redden them.

In an attempt to make herself look better? It can't be only me who finds that idiotic. I don't even want to list all the other hilarious reactions and inner monologues this book offered. I can't even grasp how the current high rating came to. Maybe the majority of the readers wanted a book with low aspiration to pass the time in between life. View all 4 comments. Apr 11, Dora Koutsoukou rated it really liked it. I am utterly speechless One of my favorite reads of this year, and easily my TOP reads of ! The Ivanshov Bratva family were living in peace.

Until one night everything changes The heart and soul of the family is slaughtered. The queen and the child within her are dead. Lyov's beloved angel is Wow.

Mobster's Girl

Lyov's beloved angel is no longer with him. And little Alessio saw it all. Traumatized and filled with bitter rage, he promises his father all the Abandonato's will fall one by one. I should have been accustomed to it by now. The pain never ceased. I was chained to my past. As the king, he is brutal.

Cold, Calculating, and bitter. His once pure red beating heart, has now turned cold as ice. And is truly feared by all. Alessio's goal is so close he can almost taste it. But it all changes when he falls upon a young woman under his bed, covered in mud and bruises. He doesn't know it yet, but this girl is his undoing. His Salvation. His Downfall. His Kitten. His Angel. It was so heartbreaking All the flashbacks were. It shows us the readers what Alessio lost as a young boy and he had to grow up. No child should have to go through what he did.

Don't break. Don't show weakness.

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October 15, She might be in the enemies house but she has never felt more at home. Open Preview See a Problem? Brownie Oxford is on the run. Her father and husband, meanwhile, had already been incarcerated for years, convicted of illegal mafia association and drug smuggling [. The Mafia and His Angel wins points for its character development and the plot. All the colours drained from her face as she froze frightened.

Beaten, Cold, Hungry, and Lost. She is a pawn in her fathers game. Given to a man who abuses her every whim. She decides her only option is to run far and fast.

MAFIA INDEBTED (Mafia Series 1)

What Ayla doesn't expect is that she was in the hands of the Devil and fell into the lap of a monster. Alessio and Ayla both have suffered. And find solace in one another. But evils of the past are out to haunt them. No one is safe Alessio has so many enemies now If they find out about his weakness But what about her secrets Her secrets will destroy everything they have. It's only a matter of time before it all explodes. The Mafia And His Angel ruined me in the best possible way.

It was such an emotional ride, that was so heart-wrenchingly powerful. I am dire need of part 2 and FAST! My hands are extra grabby, I must know what happens next. Oct 22, Snow rated it liked it Shelves: crime , action , mobsters , alpha , abuse. Sadly, it left me with impression of an just "okay" read However, the writing style is satisfactory and I m.

Dec 02, CeCe rated it did not like it Shelves: did-not-finish , dual-pov , read , amazon-ku , could-not-connect , mob. Felt no connection to the characters. The switch in POV happened too frequently. Did not work for me. Dec 12, Charlie rated it it was ok Shelves: mafia-mob-romance , kindle-unlimited-prime-lending. I really wanted to love this, I really enjoyed mafia romances but the writing was terrible and I was super bored.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This book is something else!!! Ever since I started reading and using Wattpad I've read a lot of good books, but to be honest, this one was the only one I grow attached to.

I started to feel their pain, their tears and overall their love. Ayla, the sweet broken angel. It actually broke my heart This book is something else!!! It actually broke my heart that even the thought of going out of the house scared her A lot. The nightmares, the hallucinations, and the memories Ayla had made me fall more for her, the way she tried to escape the pain by holding on to Alessio's jacket even though it's an innocent act it still makes you love the story even more.

I admired Alessio's confidence even though he was arrogant and The way he started to fall for Ayla to started to protect her was so Epic. When Alessio realized that Ayla was in fact been hurt and started crying for her pain, and when he held her to take away her pain instead of her having to hold his jacket; he let her hold him, or more like him holding her.

The way a broken man falls for a broken angel and the two of them slowly mending each other was so flawless. View all 3 comments. Mar 11, Jean rated it it was amazing. I flew through this book! Being stuck in a car for 12 hours kinda helped too! This was my Pick For Me challenge book from Tessa.

I loved it! It sucked me in from the beginning. I loved both the h and H, Ayla and Alessio, and loved the secondary characters. Ayla is on the run from her fiance who had been nothing but abusive to her. But she's been promised to him through her father, the boss of the Italian mafia. So, she runs.

And she ends up in the most unexpected position Wow, so much anxiety for Ayla who was suffering from her demons and struggling to find herself, while also keeping a huge secret. The relationship between Ayla and Alessio was a slow burn and vey, very hot! Soooo good!!

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Great book and that ending! I thought I liked him?!? On to book Aug 05, Expresso added it. DNF Good concept but story is lacking in delivery. The story lacks substance. Characters, particularly the Boss, is a cream puff. A total wuss who apologized so eloquently, it bordered vanilla. I did not finish the story and therefore will not offer a rating. My personal opinion should have no bearing on your experience with this book!!!!

Aug 20, EpicRomanceReviews rated it it was amazing. Ruthless, yet gentle. Described as an attractive brunette with brown eyes and a habit of carrying two guns , this outlaw known as Marie Baker grabbed headlines in for a string of shop robberies committed by her Pants Gang.

Highest Paid Mafia Boss Tells the TRUTH About the Life

Baker earned her nickname for her bizarre demand to the shops' clerks. Once all other customers had left, this lingering lady would draw her weapons and command, "Take off your pants! The Miami News reports that it was vanity that eventually brought her down. While checking her makeup during a butcher shop heist, Baker allowed a hostage to run free.

She was soon caught and booked as Marie Baker. Later, it was uncovered she was in fact Mrs. Rose Durante, who would ultimately serve three years before vanishing into obscurity. She came from a poor background, telling people she didn't own a pair of shoes until age seventeen. Born in Alabama and raised in Georgia, she moved to Chicago to seek fame and fortune. She found a bit of both working as an accountant for Al Capone.

When she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting ambitions, she met Siegel, for whom she'd soon be lover and courier. He'd later name his Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas after her. But this proved a bust business, bringing an abrupt end to Siegel's career, and arguably his life. Hill was coincidentally out of the house, and claimed , "If anyone or anything was his mistress, it was that Las Vegas hotel. I never knew Ben was involved in all that gang stuff. I can't imagine who shot him or why.

In , Hill was found dead in an Austria snowdrift, the victim of an apparent overdose of sleeping pills—although some speculate this too was a hit. Though Hill never made it as an actress, she did make it to the big screen in , when Annette Bening portrayed her in Bugsy. She worked for the mob as a numbers runner, drug dealer, and loan shark.

Yet her Jewish heritage was an obstacle to rising up the ranks of the Sicilian-run crime syndicate. Still, the money and power was good enough to please her. Years later, after a loan shark threatened her daughter, Brickman turned informant. Her spying and testimony ultimate led to the conviction of Anthony Scarpati and several associates for racketeering. She became infamous as John Dillinger's devoted girlfriend, but Frechette came from an unexpected background for a gun moll. A child of French and Native American descent through the Menominee tribe, she attended Catholic grade school, then went on to graduate from high school.

Even with an education, finding work was difficult, which led Frechette to Chicago. After her first husband was jailed for a post office robbery, Frechette met Dillinger, and traveled with him through a cross-country crime spree. The pair survived several shootouts. She was later convicted for harboring a fugitive, and served two years in prison, during which Dillinger died.