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modomhytichag.ml/common-sense-with-linked-toc-and-full-navigation.php He doesn't think the beautiful blond man could ever return his feelings. But everything is not as it appears—including the man's past. And someone might just want him dead. Sharazad was the highest-ranked courtesan at the Persian court, and the only one who could keep the King entertained, night after night after night. Some say that she told him stories, and so she did. But that was not all she did to keep a bored and jaded King occupied. When they find each other they have hot steamy sex.

So you're trying to find bona fide reasons not to get into a long-term relationship? Unhappily married? A divorce won't be far in your future. You should both arm yourselves against another sad, long-term relationship with this guide; it'll help stop you making another bad mistake. For thirty-something year old Psychiatrist, Dr. John Epstein, life in private practice Melbourne may not be all he imagined it would be, but it is lucrative and he does have the odd win with a patient's progress.

The predictable rhythm of his life takes a disturbing turn when he accepts a new patient, Kyle Stevens, who is on parole for serial rape. He quickly realises he is dealing with a dangerous psychopath. Matters are made worse when his friend and colleague, Detective Robert James unwittingly involves him in a cat and mouse game of vengeance.

Soon John is walking a fine line between his own safety and working to put his new patient back behind bars, before he reoffends. The series follows John's sessions with Kyle over a period of six weeks, each week is a short vignette, collectively the six publications complete the story. Jacob watched orcs destroy his village, and vowed revenge. They also told him that the only person who could help him was the lady sell sword Americium, a woman of impossible proportions and a quite nice leather outfit.

This book is made of epic win as a great parody of fantasy by the best author since Jim Theiss, Castle Stonesword. Advice for hopeful as well as experienced dog walkers on their daily outings with their pet. How to act around other dogs, what can go wrong, what dangers threaten during your walk? How do your dog's interests and priorities differ from yours? How much discipine is absolutely necessary? Is the necessity of cleaning up after your dog outweighed by the pleasures of having a canine companion?

The author is an experienced dog owner of many years. I agreed to sit down for an exclusive interview—and this putz turns around and uploads it on Amazon. I don't take crap from anybody. And who the hell is York Lord? Never heard of him. This quick, no-nonsense, entertaining resource helps both fiction and non-fiction writers overcome their fear of criticism and start creating content that really matters. Writers will learn how to infuse their content with personality and create work that readers want to consume.

No-nonsense, no padding, just solid guidance. This guide is for you. At less than 5, words, Leave Me Alone: The Introvert's Guide to Travel is more of an essay than a book, but within you will find the tongue-firmly-in-cheek wisdom of an experienced traveler who sometimes just wants to be left alone. Adam and Ryan, two broke Los Angeles transplants from Brooklyn, hatch a plan to make some easy cash: kidnap a local rich girl and sell her back to her wealthy daddy.

It seems simple enough, but then they didn't figure that the girl they'd kidnap would be the daughter of the local crime boss. It's fifteen-year-old Angel's first day as a vampire…. Angel Rose Channing didn't ask for the added drama of being turned into a teenage vampire. School was hard enough when she didn't have to avoid the sun. She used to be able to make a mistake without somebody dying, but now she has to watch her every move as she comes to understand what it means to wake up dead.

A brief jaunt through the joys of all things Minnesotan. Kick back and smile your way through your next lunch or coffee break with this laugh-out-loud, whirl-and-puke amusement ride. Discover the inner workings of one man's mind. Renowned therapist Candi Cane has spent thousands of hours finding out what goes on inside a man's head. Find out what your man is thinking. No more guessing. The only self-help book you'll ever need when it comes to figuring out Men.

Industry insider Chuck Deckins, on the editorial staff [clarification: intern] of the New York publisher Big and Six, knows too much. He blogs a warning about the tsunami of swill, but within hours his blog is deleted. Chuck is yanked behind the scenes of A, the secret global conspiracy dedicated to drowning the world in a flood of ebooks that look as if they could have been thrown together in a few hours.

At the same time, his friend plots the perfect crime. Or so he thinks. A very short story in about words. When you hike on well-used paths, the trails are easy to spot. They've been shaped by feet, hooves and wheels into clear, if sometimes rocky, paths. But once you get away from the crowds easy to do in Idaho , the trail can quickly go from a beaten path to an impossible-to-find trace.

When I first encountered such a trail, I got lost, because I wasn't paying attention to trail markers. This short book is a photo illustrated guide to finding trail markers, based on my experiences backpacking where I learned to find these myself so I could stay on the trail. Detective Thomas Brooker is brought in to find out why a rental car had a dead body in its trunk.

And what is with the strange goat head tattoo that is on the body of the victim? A tattoo that is shared with one of the medical examiner technicians handling the case. This booklet describes, in detail, everything you need to know to hold a profitable garage sale. From preparation to after the sale, it covers all aspects. There are so many garage sales these days, that you need ways to get noticed and drive customers to you. This booklet suggests ways to get that attention. Follow these easy, helpful hints and watch the customers—and the money come rolling in!

She found an anti-war protest that looks like her ticket to jail. Armed with knitting needles and a broken heart, she won't leave without handcuffs. But will her efforts get her the criminal record? Or has fate planned a different cure for her heartache? Just because yer a trailer park resident don't mean you can't climb the social ladder!

Redneck Staycations stay at home vacations is a short guide that contains 15 secret tactics developed by a bona fide redneck just like y'all. As an added bonus, this will make your neighbors green with envy.

3. Ending with a Twist

As my great-uncle Todd used to say, cherish these words of wisdom as you would an ancient family heirloom. Ian Pattinson- and his pulp fiction alter ego, Garth Owen- has been reviewing all sorts of entertainment for years. Short and sharp, and occasionally silly, the reviews cover everything from Summer blockbusters to grindhouse obscurities, this collection has a bit of everything. This is a continually evolving book, with more reviews being added all the time. On a normal run through a big city, a runner swats a fly.

The fly grows in size and becomes so big that it blocks the sun. The people in the city are under attack! Rayna, a Recovery and Reevaluation technician, must decide if the city is worth saving. Will the humans prove themselves worthy of continuing life? Or will they doom themselves to a terrible fate? Through this portal the Ponies have come.

Dean Koontz

The creatures have decided to make this world theirs and that mankind is the only stumbling block to stop them. Contained in this volume are the origins, myths and truth about our new pony overlords. With a little bit of humor and a lot of understanding, she encourages you to embrace the simplicity and ease that a box of macaroni and cheese can bring to your home on those busy and hectic days. This title will share fun and easy recipes your family will love while adding some variety to the menu.

Upgrade Your Macaroni and Cheese! Kick guilt to the curb. Follow one or all of the examples and you will you be arrested or divorced or receive the justified scorn of all the world. Or just maybe you will discover that you don't live on this planet at all but in some wonderful fantasy world of your own, and can the rest of us join you there? Sabrina O'Sullivan just wanted to have some fun, but Karlheinz Kaufmann, an evil wizard straight out of Nazi Germany, has other plan Fortunately, Gabriel Brighton, a totally hot Sorcerer, interrupts Kaufmann's dark ritual.

And even more fortunately, he can teach Sabrina the magic that will save their lives. Magic that thrives on powerful emotions A guide for the clothing-challenged to know when to wear clothing. A great gift for those embarrassing relatives who show up naked at the oddest times. Nor is it a good sign when the call is about the dreaded Necronomicon.

There are a lot of bogus Necronomicons out there. And anyone that succeeds in getting one of the forgeries to work receives a lot of attention. Unfortunately, that attention tends to not be human. Carrie is horrified. Her husband, Jimmy, kidnapped a little girl and now Carrie's an accomplice. Jimmy said it would be easy: grab the girl, call the parents, pick up the ransom, and then take the girl back.

However, Carrie's feelings for the child are growing stronger. Now she is stuck in the middle of a nightmare and terrified that something will go wrong. All Abigail Abernathy wants is a respectable job where she can put her knowledge of analytical engines to use. The Royel Trading Company of Bristol provides her with just such an opportunity, but not everyone is pleased to have her aboard.

Between incompetent management, clients helpless beyond her imagination, and a disgruntled former analytical engine analyst who will stop at nothing to take back the job she unknowingly took from him, will her credulity, not to mention her sanity, be up to the task? Her own team does not want her there. Brass wants her off the assignment. However, the Ambassador--a family friend--insists she is important. Will her team have her back, or will their bigotry lead to an international incident? Meeting Monday is a short introduction to the Jake Monday Chronicles.

For fans of the series, this is how Jake and Halley met. For those new to the series, get a sneak peak into the mayhem that his Monday. She had to go through The Door. And just like Leah, they were hungry. Run is a 3, word short story. My name is Auddie. This book is filled with tips for women who are embarking on their first — or fifthieth — solo trip, from what to do before you leave, what to pack, and how to enjoy the experience of travelling with only yourself to think about.

So, get out those guidebooks that have been collecting cobwebs, pick a destination and start packing. The world is waiting for you. GAIN by B. The rich feast while the poor labor. The system allows the poor to workout for the rich. Being an upper means staying thin despite indulging. But the table is about to be turned. Who will be able to handle the gain? Gray Lake is full of ghosts. Johnny and Dennison know all the stories. Eerie stories about drowned girls, lost specters, murderers and more.

But tonight, as they drive toward the lake through the worst fog of the year, the stories start creeping in on them like the mist itself. Have you ever been bullied at school? I was taught at 9 years old how to handle it. It may not have been the best way to deal with it. But it worked.

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This is my story. Stopping to render aid, he finds out that there is a lot more here than meets the eye. Tom finds out that sometimes, being kind to strangers has its benefits. Take a hard look in the mirror. What do you see? An awesome guy staring back at you, or is there just the hint of a douche? Being a douchebag is an affliction that anyone can suffer from.

If you think, just for a moment, that you might have douchebag tendencies, then you NEED to read this book. When Bernie Bushkin, your every day 12 year old, goes to his first day of 7th grade he has no idea his life will change completely before he gets home that night.

Follow along with Bernie as he discovers the special powers passed down from his great-great-great grandfather to him. Powers that will let him save a land he never knew existed. Enjoy book one in the 7 Days of Seven, a series of Short Story Snacks for middle school readers to read and enjoy!

They're guaranteed to spark creativity and imagination! Take one tired old woman conjurer. Add one impatient teenaged girl. Mix thoroughly with a little magic. What do you get? A big surprise… for both women. A short story of approximately 1, words. Words of encouragement to those who want to write, and just never seem to get started! This may just encourage some of you to actually start writing, and not just think and talk about it! Once there was, and once there was not, in a place I can take you where I have never been, a beautiful princess by the name of Dahut.

She lived in a city that no merchant now visits and no map contains. Ys was at the end of the world, and it had escaped the attention of the Romans. But it was not beyond the reach of the new religion and the ways it brought. This is the story of Dahut's rebellion and the destruction of the city of Ys. Recipes included! An insightful, humorous look about how to lose weight. Candy lost fifty pounds on her journey while she made over sixty pounds of chocolate truffles. Learn how she managed to enjoy eating while dropping the pounds.

Oh, did she mention that yummy homemade candy recipes are included? After delivery and while checking out the car in more detail, she gets a shock from a shorted wire in the electrical system. But that's not the only shock, as she starts hearing a young voice coming through the old AM radio during a coming storm. The voice begs her to come and save him, and she knows where he is, but how can he talk with her through the radio?

Michaelis cannot remember his real name, nor how he came to be a valet for the schoolboy son of a powerful magician who rules with an iron fist. Phantom wisps of incense and narrow glimpses of memory are all he has, until he chances upon a family secret which only compounds intrigue.

What might his young master Abel know of his amnesia? What binds him to the Wensleys? And why does he, a simple valet, know fragments of magic? His ultimate fantasy is to get her naked, wet and spread wide. As the clothes fall off and the cards heat up, he decides to find out just how far she's willing to take the game. Will she let him shove all in, or will she bust him out of the game? The Founding of Temin is the first of a series of short stories about the world of Temin and the supernatural entities that watch over it. This first story is a myth told by the followers of one of the three highest beings: the Masters.

It details those followers' beliefs about how the Masters first came across Temin, and how they came to live there. All her life, Lisbet's red hair has held her back. Unlucky red hair was enough to keep any man from wanting to marry her. Now it's enough to make the people in the next village try to throw her to a dragon. But Lisbet isn't about to go without a fight—and she may just learn something about herself and her heritage along the way.

Including that she had a relative she never knew about.

The Classic Short Story, 1870-1925

An unnamed woman, presenting herself as a simple yeoman, approaches the gate of a castle. Having waited until dusk, while the king's most loyal allies paraded past, she hopes to enter unchallenged into the great hall. Instead, the most observant of the guards senses her deception. Forced to silence them all, she attacks with lightning precision but wreaks no more violence than she must. Finally inside, she bears with her into the king's banquet hall a message of warning and doom. Is freedom real, or just an illusion? Are Constitutional rights worth protecting, or is the Bill of Rights just Orwellian double-speak?

What does it take to push a normal citizen over the edge and turn him into a freedom fighter raging against the Machine? This short story takes you onto urban streets into a blinding snowstorm and into the bowels of the city's storm sewers as the Urban Yeti dispenses justice in a world gone mad. This short piece weaves in my personal experience of dropping out of high school to hike the Appalachian Trail and learning how to hold on to the life lessons I've since learned. What really happened when Van Helsing entered Dracula's lair in search of the three temptresses?

Who were they and what was their true role in the story? Not only does this bonus story fill in those gaps, but learn more about Olivia in this prequel to the novel, Blood Sisters. Want to save thousands of dollars by learning cost saving tips that keep you saving and tails wagging?

Puppy Love on a Budget author, Tally Wags, will use her personal experience, along with help from her new pup, to show you ways to budget in that first year of puppyhood without compromising quality or care. Ready to save big? Step inside the pages of Puppy Love on a Budget to see how you, too, can get more bark for your bite!

Learn premier weight loss secrets from the wise and wonderful feline philosopher, Confucius Cat. Includes bonus belly flattening tip. Hint: involves purging. Five stars from Sissykins Fluffybottom: "This is the best book I've shredded all year. By day Lisa Patrelli assistant manages the popular fast food joint McKillian's.

By night, she lets another clientele have it their way: whips, chains, with a side of extra bacon. When Lisa is random approached for a "date" by a bumbling, but not totally ugly man, she falls prey to every white girl's weakness: tequila. This is why you should never drink before you play with your food. As the king's top privateer, she thinks she can handle anything.

What Arama doesn't anticipate is storms out of season, an unruly stormwitch, and a strange witchery echo that puts Arama, her ship the Dawn Star, and everyone aboard smack in the middle of a mystery. The first book in a part short stories series. Someone in Chicago is brutally murdering escorts, and Detective Victoria Matthews is assigned to the case.

As a rookie detective, Tori is trying to remain professional at the office, but her sexy partner Adam Reyes is taking her focus off the case. Can she find the killer before he finds her? A quirky and hopeless young woman recounts the spectacularly awful rise and fall of her first love, as she discovers the truth about sex, religion, life, and herself, interspersed with memories of all the other boys who shared her heart for a short time.

For fans of contemporary stories of first love and growing up, "All the Other Boys" is rich in voice, darkly comical, truthfully disappointing, and ultimately triumphant. Animosity has built up over the years, and Rose may finally have a chance for retribution at the annual Christmas party.

A short urban fantasy. Physicians often spend nights awake, up at the hospital caring for patients. On most occasions this doctor is no different, but on Halloween, his nocturnal activities take on a different hue Amelia jumps at the chance to go to Antarctica to study male emperor penguins. But her research takes a dangerous turn when she ends up trapped in a cabin with a man who doesn't seem to be quite human any more.

Find this, along with 4 other stories of weird woe, in this short story collection by New Zealand blogger Steff Metal www. Looking for a simple, effective way to seduce your man? Cynthia Greenwood knows the one sure fire technique that will work every time. It's so simple it will make you laugh I definitely never expected to be resurrected by a Hoodoo priest to fight an ancient evil storm goddess bent on destroying America.

But here I am. But still fighting the good fight. Battling witches, storms, explosions and ancient gods. Its a good thing I have a foul mouth and a sarcastic attitude to see me through. Hang on to your hat it's gonna be a wild ride. Even worse, the likelihood of him losing his virginity is zero. On the fringes of Dublin two kids, Kylie and Dylan, live in a suburban housing estate devoid of life, colour and the prospect of escape. Kylie lives with five other siblings and her overworked mother.

Next door, Dylan lives in the shadow of an alcoholic father and the memory of an elder brother who ran away from home two years earlier. After a violent altercation with his father, Dylan runs away from home and Kylie decides to run away with him. Together they make their way to the magical night time lights of inner city Dublin, to search for Dylan's brother, and in the hope of finding, through him, the possibility of a new life. Lance Daly's vision of Dublin, as seen through the innocent eyes of our protagonists, is a kaleidoscope of magic, wonder and mystery.

But as the night wears on, and Dublin takes on a darker character, the two kids have to rely on the kindness of strangers, the advice of Bob Dylan and their trust in each other to survive the night. A newly self-proclaimed environmentalist who could no long avoid pointing the finger at himself, Colin leaves behind his liberal complacency for a vow to make as little environmental impact as possible for one year. No more automated transportation, no more electricity, no more non-local food, no more material consumption That is, until his espresso-guzzling, retail-worshipping wife Michelle and their two year-old daughter are dragged into the fray.

Laura Gabbert and Justin Schein's film provides a front row seat into the familial strains and strengthened bonds that result from Colin's and Michelle's struggle with this radical lifestyle change. Lollobrigida plays Marietta, the gorgeous housekeeper to Don Cesare Brasseur , the patriarch of a small Mediterranean coastal town.

Lusted after by many men, including Francesco Montand , the son of a local crime boss, Marietta has her own desires, consisting of the poor Enrico Mastroianni. Determined to secure the dowry that will enable her to marry Enrico, Marietta connives the men of the town by turning the tables on them using their own vicious drinking game which they call "The Law.

Michel examines Suzette's years as a school teacher and her life in rural France. During the course of filming the documentary, Michel unearths new family stories and uses his camera to explore them in a subtle and sensitive way. In his first leading role, Foster stars as Will Montgomery, a U.

Army officer who has just returned home from a tour in Iraq and is assigned to the Army's Casualty Notification service. Partnered with fellow officer Tony Stone Harrelson to bear the bad news to the loved ones of fallen soldiers, Will faces the challenge of completing his mission while seeking to find comfort and healing back on the home front.

When he finds himself drawn to Olivia Morton , to whom he has just delivered the news of her husband's death, Will's emotional detachment begins to dissolve and the film reveals itself as a surprising, humorous, moving and very human portrait of grief, friendship and survival. In the early 's a loose-knit group of like-minded outsiders found common ground at a little NYC storefront gallery. Rooted in the DIY do-it-yourself subcultures of skateboarding, surf, punk, hip-hop, and graffiti, they made art that reflected the lifestyles they led. Developing their craft with almost no influence from the "establishment" art world, this group, and the subcultures they sprang from, created a movement that transformed pop culture.

When twenty-year-old Ivy heads home Spring Break with a fresh romance in her heart, everything seems to be going perfectly. When her best friend Al finds himself without lodgings, Ivy and her mother take him in and Ivy and Al's friendship strengthens while her boyfriend grows more distant from afar. Increasingly distressed about her conflicting feelings, Ivy must stay resilient in the face of her epilepsy, lest her emotions become something she can't control.

Marking Zoe Kazan's first leading role, Bradley Rust Gray's film is a meditative and realistic portrait of a young girl coming of age and finding a deeper kind of love in New York City. Best known in the West for his collaborations with Bono and Peter Gabriel, N'Dour is one of the most beloved musicians in pop music and his legendary career has spanned decades. While Western audiences embraced N'Dour's brave musical message, it encountered a serious religious backlash in his native country of Senegal where N'Dour is considered a national hero.

Local critics and the media accused him of insulting Islam, arguing that pop and religious music should not mix. It is a stirring journey of faith, redemption, and the power of music to overcome intolerance. After 23 years working as a devoted maid in an upper class Chilean household, embittered and ailing Raquel Sundance Film Festival and Gotham Award winner Catalina Saavedra can no longer care for the family alone. Instead, Pilar hires more help, throwing Raquel into a jealous frenzy. The seemingly happy home soon becomes the stage for Raquel's dirty tricks as she attempts to drive away anyone who threatens to take her place with darkly comedic, and in the end, endearing results.

At stake in the classic David vs. Goliath story are the futures of generations of workers and their families, as well as the culture of global, multinational business. If successful, the case could rock the economic foundations of Dole, and would open the US courts to other global victims, representing a new day in international justice. Each year, His Holiness the Dalai Lama travels the world offering teachings and public talks to individuals from many different faiths and backgrounds.

Following the teachings, His Holiness the Dalai Lama went on to address a sold out crowd at Radio City Music Hall with Awakening the Heart of Selflessness , a public talk followed by a candid question and answer session. In this talk, His Holiness discusses ways in which one can achieve the realization of selflessness and ultimately achieve inner peace, which in turn generates a genuine sense of responsibility for the happiness of others and eventually creates a more compassionate world for everyone.

Combat Obscura Dir. Miles Lagoze. The Proposal Dir. Jill Magid. On Her Shoulders Dir. Alexandria Bombach. Wrestle Dir. Suzannah Herbert.

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Columbus Dir. Relaxer Dir.

Joel Potrykus. Searching for Ingmar Bergman Dir. Margarethe Von Trotta. Hal Dir. Amy Scott. Song of Granite Dir. Pat Collins. Julien Faraut. Polina Dir. Summer Dir. The King Dir. Eugene Jarecki. Lost in Paris Dir. Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon. Night School Dir.

Andrew Cohn. Beauty and the Dogs Dir. Kaouther Ben Hania. Asaph Polonsky. Contemporary Color Dir. KEDI Dir. Ceyda Torun. Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer Dir. Charlie Ahearn In the infancy of hip-hop, Brooklyn-born photographer Jamel Shabazz documented the pioneers of music and style who would launch an enduring worldwide phenomenon. The Love Witch Dir. However her spells work too well, and she ends up with a string of hapless victims. When she finally meets the man of her dreams, her desperation to be loved will drive her to the brink of insanity and murder.

Madeline's Madeline Dir. Josephine Decker. November Dir. Rainer Sarnet. The Road Movie Dir. Dmitrii Kalashnikov. The Wonders Dir. Alway Shine Dir. Sophia Takal.

Thriller Short Film - Hell

Girl Asleep Dir. Rosemary Myers. Embrace of the Serpent Dir. River of Grass Dir. La Ciudad The City Dir. The Second Mother Dir. Buzzard Dir. Joel Potrykus Marty is a caustic, small-time con artist drifting from one scam to the next. Coherence Dir. James Ward Byrkit On the night of an astronomical anomaly, eight friends at a dinner party experience a troubling chain of reality bending events. Art and Craft Dir. Low Down Dir. Mad As Hell Dir. Jingle Bell Rocks! Teenage Dir. Matt Wolf Teenagers didn't always exist. The Past is a Grotesque Animal Dir.

Whitewash Dir. These Birds Walk Dir. After Tiller Dir. Reality Dir. Mother of George Dir. Burma VJ Dir. Bunohan: Return to Murder Dir. Dain Said Set in a border town in northeastern Malaysia of the same name, BUNOHAN tells the powerful story of three estranged brothers — Adil, Bakar and Ilham — and their ailing father, whose fates become tragically intertwined in a web of deceit and corruption.

Only The Young Dir. Tchoupitoulas Dir. Don't Expect Too Much film Dir. Meek's Cutoff Dir. Kelly Reichardt The year is , the earliest days of the Oregon Trail, and a wagon train of three families has hired mountain man Stephen Meek to guide them over the Cascade Mountains. Bellflower Dir. Who Took the Bomp? Le Tigre on Tour Dir. Rebirth Dir. The Other F Word Dir. FLOW Dir. Irena Salina Irena Salina's award-winning documentary investigation into what experts label the most important political and environmental issue of the 21st Century: the world water crisis.

Exit Through the Gift Shop Dir. Banksy The incredible true story of how the greatest graffiti movie of all time was never made Dark Days Dir. The Unloved Dir. Four Lovers Dir. Antony Cordier In this sexy, French romantic drama, two couples decide to explore the boundaries of their relationships by swapping partners. Howl Dir. Gunnin' For That 1 Spot Dir. A Film Unfinished Dir. Monogamy Dir. Dana Adam Shapiro Increasingly anxious about his impending marriage to Nat Rashida Jones and thoroughly bored with his day job as a wedding photographer, Theo Chris Messina establishes a hobby: he's hired by clients to clandestinely snap voyeuristic photos of them as they go about their days.

Dear Zachary Dir. Kurt Kuenne On November 5, , Dr. What happened next, no one ever could have foreseen…. William S. Burroughs: A Man Within Dir. Wendy and Lucy Dir. Kelly Reichardt Proving why she is one of the most highly-regarded auteurs of current cinema, Kelly Reichardt's OLD JOY subtle storytelling technique uses a formal minimalist style to weave together a unique emotional and political road film. Frontrunners Dir. Treeless Mountain Dir. So Yong Kim When their mother needs to leave in order to find their estranged father, seven year-old Jin and her younger sister, Bin, are left to live with their Big Aunt for the summer.