The Agency: Hollywood Talent, CIA Managed

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Using her Hollywood clout, CIA training and a network of special agents posing as actors, paparazzi and beyond, Caroline masterminds the latest form of propaganda: mass entertainment distraction. By secretly manipulating her celebrity clients, Caroline generates entertainment scandals that distract a gossip-hungry American public from political affairs.

Caroline successfully navigates her dual identity until one day, her personal life is thrust into the limelight and she becomes a victim of her own design. As her two worlds collide, Caroline struggles to salvage what's left of her splintering identity in order to beat the system that created her. Product Details About the Author. About the Author Melody Godfred is an author, screenwriter and writing consultant living in Los Angeles.

What Do Talent Agencies Like CAA Look for?

Her writing blog, Write In Color www. Her exposure as an attorney to politics and the entertainment business served as the inspiration behind her debut novel, The Agency: Hollywood Talent, CIA Managed. Average Review. Write a Review.

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Meet Caroline Madison, a CIA operative who is deep undercover running The Agency, the premier talent agency in Los Angeles. Using her Hollywood clout, CIA. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Melody Godfred is an author, screenwriter and writing consultant living in Los Angeles. Her writing blog, Write In Color.

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Everyone has read biographies and memoirs of Hollywood celebrities-the lucky ones who have actually made Everyone has read biographies and memoirs of Hollywood celebrities-the lucky ones who have actually made it to the top. Dan Bronson's book is different. It tells the story of all the others-the ninety-eight percent who've worked hard and well but View Product. Digby's Hollywood Story. The eponymous The eponymous Digby is a cop on a movie-studio security force dealing with, among others, an aspiring actress who is unreliable in her affections, a clever screenwriter Drama Queen: Hollywood to Olympus Book 2.

Layla Andrews isn't really a bitch - she just plays one on television. For the For the last eighteen months, she's acted like one in real life too while she was forced to serve probation for something she didn't do. Now you're looking for a mission.

The Agency: Hollywood Talent, CIA Managed

Digby's Hollywood Story. We're in the business of building tomorrow. Today we need to act fast and be responsive to our clients needs, after using for years another software it was a logical choice for me to switch to Mediaslide. About Us. Before the Flood Sign in to Purchase Instantly.

It is a bittersweet time for the C. On Tuesday, it basked in President Clinton's praise. Clinton told the employees at the C.

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The agency is telling itself, in the words of its new director, George J. Tenet, that ''our mission is clear. But any arm of the Government, even a secret one, is only as good as its people. And the agency says it is finding it hard to hire and keep people as talented as Mr. The odds today are against the agency's hiring a street-wise hood with a high school diploma.

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The professional career of Antonio J. Mendez, with all its highs and lows, is a capsule history of the C. His retirement in , at the age of 50, was a warning sign for the future. Born in Eureka, Nev. Mendez was 3 when his father died. His mother, the granddaughter of a prospector, decreed that he would be an artist.

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In , he was an illustrator for an aircraft company in Denver when his eye fell on a newspaper advertisement offering a job with the Navy. He responded. The man who called back was the C. Mendez took a job with the agency's technical services staff. These were the people who, in the 's and '60's, under the direction of Dr.

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Sidney Gottlieb, the C. The cat was run over by a taxi in a field test.

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Sid Gottlieb was a fine man, a friend of mine, and an excellent head of technical services. It's not clear to me that he did something immoral. It was not smart to be experimenting with drugs, but at the time it seemed like the thing to do. In the late 's the C. Mendez's talents lay elsewhere. The trick in disguise, in his words, is ''breaking the perimeter of Soviet surveillance'' -- cloaking C. A officers or foreign agents so they could slip in or out of enemy territory. Mendez developed a special talent for outfitting traveling C.

In the early 's, he had to help a black officer meet an Asian diplomat working for the C. He said he asked a Hollywood contact to send him masks of the stunt doubles of Victor Mature and Rex Harrison. He transformed the two men into elegant Caucasians. They sat and chatted in a purring State Department limousine in that Asian capital, oblivious to roadblocks and checkpoints.

Nowadays, he said, the C.